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+ 13 End of Week 3 - DC Rip Blend


End of Week 3 of 20 and feeling really great on cycle (libido is perf). It feels really good to be back on this type of training and gear overall, really missed it after all these years off.

DC’s oil has been on point so far. Macros have been steady at 240p 250c 60f and I’m up a lean 8lbs (208). Strength is steadily climbing and even catching me by surprise, starting to now see some results. Coach wants me to fill in a bunch (personally aiming for chest and quads) before tweaking diet and ‘cutting’/drying the f out.

Placed an order to get a full body mirror to get some leg shots in here later during the cycle. Figure updates every 3 weeks is good to keep track of all the progress. Will be back on week 6!

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Delts are ******* nuts

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on about ~400mgs a week of Tren

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very good physique and good continuation

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Sliced and diced!….keep it up

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Looking great bro!! +

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You took a break for years? You look insane bro

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yes sir but always kept a good diet and stayed very active with recreational sports

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Got damn. Looking cut! I make my own rip blend from the Tren/mast/ and test. I have been close a few times to trying out his rip blend, may have to give it a whirl with those results. Keep it up bro!

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Looks like it is going good Good

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Looking very well

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You look phenomenal boss! Appreciate the post and keep up the good work

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