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  • haapinessgains   •   Sun, Mar 17th, '19 15:49   •   7 replies, 191 views

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So I posted about this in discussion page several days ago. I've been very busy so I haven't been able to actually post these pictures until now. I want to make a huge disclaimer here and say that this has nothing to do with OS gear. OS has done nothing but be awesome with every transaction that I've ever had with him. He actually offered to replace these items but I declined. One being that I really don't need anything at this time, but most importantly these were promotional items. As you can tell by my reviews I like to try different things and leave feedback on those. I also want to say that other Dragon products have tried have been amazing as well as having being tested and proven to be accurately dosed and clear toxins. Some of those items I have personally used and were top notch were Test P, Test E, Test C, Viagra, Cialis, Anavar, Tren A, Tren E. This issue is 4 Dragon to figure out. What I did notice is the ones where there are a lot of water and them are a different batch from the ones that are creamy milky white. They were sent in the same pack so I'm not thinking whether or heat or anything like that had to do with the separation here. These pictures were taken about 30 seconds after they were vigorously Shook and then allowed to settle briefly. The one that is creamy and mixed very well I have actually been using and I've had good results from it. My guess is that when the vials were made where there is a lot of water and seemingly not a lot of testosterone, it was from a large batch which is to be expected from a company like this. However it looks like the products were not mixed accurately and that they kind of dropped the ball on the production side of these. Who knows I may be wrong but that's just my two cents on the situation. Out of four vials that I got to wear separated and two we're fine. I also posted these up so that OS could forward them to Dragon to see if the issue can be resolved. When I spoke with OS, he told me that he was pulling them from inventory so that there was no more issues regarding me. That he was going to also contact Dragon to see what their response was. Again even though this product was sold by OS, I really don't think he had anything negative to do with it. In fact he'd give us the quite opposite by trying to replace these items almost instantaneously. Which is very good customer service. Anyhow, I wanted to post these. And again, the ones that were mixed properly I have been using and I've had great results from it.


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  • 3 weeks ago

Thank you bro for feedback. I am taking care of it.

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  • 1 month ago

Mine were also separated and unusable. All you can do is shake. Believe your not suppose to heat the water base products. It sucks tho. I was able to get two pins out of mine pl which ended up being mostly water and when u try to inject it clogs.

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What was the lot. The two good ones had a different lot than the bad ones. I forget the numbers but you can see it in the picture. I think one was 1805 and the other was 1803.

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  • 1 month ago

I had the exact same experience with Dragon suspension. It wasn’t from OS though. Nevertheless I tried everything man heating, shaking literally everything I could find. I literally couldn’t even pull it unless I was using a 16 guage. Needles to say it ended up in my garbage. I have heard of a few people who had the same issue.

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Been there done that aint going back

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  • 1 month ago

Had a similar problem with dragon suspension, OS straightened it up lighting fast. I’ll be ordering a different brand of test aqua next time from OS. It’s a shame as Dragon are leaders in the UGL market and this ongoing problem with the test s is putting a smudge on their clean record of recent

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Exactly. Like I said above I have tried a ton of products from them and they've always been on point. I'm really hoping they get this issue resolved and the dhb issue resolved. I've been wanting to run dhb for a while now but I can't find a source that has it affordable. If I'm going to pay the price that some people were asking, I might as well just go ahead and run 750- 1000 Primo. I'm sure they'll get the issue resolved soon. The only bad thing is is that when you're producing the volume they are, it's going to take a while to clear inventory that's already out there. He'll this problem may already be fixed. It's just liquidating the rest that are sitting in people's storage.