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Dragon Pharma Test-E 400


11 ct Test-E 400mg/ml by Dragon Pharma. This was part of the recent Dragon Pharma Store promo and they did not disappoint. T/A was less than two weeks to the US East Coast and they even provided a re-ship due to a mistake on my part.

I have been pinning 800 mg/wk for two weeks now and I am just now beginning to fell the positive sides. No PIP, very smooth and no leakage. I will post a full review when cycle is complete.

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Must have taken some time to get there with no pip! Ouch.

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You pinning 1cc at a time or smaller shots?

That stuff has some bite to it for me, definitely had some pip and I’m no stranger to injections

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I'm doing 1cc twice a week but I've been in the game for over a decade now and I am on TRT so my muscle tissue is well broken in to say the least. I hit my left and right pecs last week and that bit a little because I don't inject there as often. Quads, glutes and delts are all pain free. Drawing with a 23g and pinning nice and slow with a 25.

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Respect...you must save some decent money being able to hit that high mg shit!

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Yeah man, I love it. Won't need any more test for at least a year unless I want to go short ester on a blast.

You can always get the high mg stuff and cut it with sterile grape seed oil or another sterile carrier oil for cheap. Definitely save you some money.