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  • rageracing   •   Thu, Dec 5th, '19 23:03   •   4 replies, 339 views

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A big thanks to DPstore for the generous promo. I will be using this throughout my prep for my next show. This is the first pack of orals i have seen with the "dragon pharma" name on the back of the bag. Guess they changed the packing??


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  • Bill1976
  • 10 months ago

I never tried anavar. Curious on how I will respond to it.

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You will LOVE IT

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  • Datdude
  • 10 months ago

Mine came looking the same way, I've never seen pouches before with the stamp on either. Funny how one little change like that kinda rattles me at first for whatever reason. But no doubt that DP var is some of the BEST!!! Enjoy and stay healthy!! Happy holidays

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  • zmlxnqf0904
  • 10 months ago

New label ha? Never seen this b4