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+ 1 DOS PHARMACY/ Cabaser 1mg & 2mg


3 weeks to arrive, extremely great pricing, good customer service, and Pharmaceutical Brand. Cabergoline is amazing used responsibly with benefits to reduce prolactin, benefits in the bedroom as well.

3 - Pfizer Cabaser 1MG /20 tabs each
3 - Pfizer Cabaser 2MG/20 tabs each

Thank You DOS

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So? Is it working? I want to order but make sure it’s g2g

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Someone gettin' on Tren or Ment and don't want the gyno

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If you are considering shopping with us, don't worry, all of our products are pharmacy products.

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Wow a lot of equipment, after that the bedroom will be renovated. have fun with it.

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Yes's meant to last me for the ages...

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Great, enjoy the products. I'm glad you received your package without any problems