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+ 14 Deadlift on cruise (for happy cactus )


First time I’ve maxed in months . Been on a cruise of 200 a week cyp . Haven’t deadlifted more than sets of 315 since I started cruising and dieting down . Pretty happy . I hit a warm up then 6 reps 375lbs to get the blood going then pulled this . Failed on the second .
Pretty good considering I’m not pushing for big numbers right now .

Also happy cactus accused me of being weak and looking like shit though he does not have any pics?? I challenged him to show me his deadlift ... don’t think he will ;) . You can find him on “raises” si

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making it look easy

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some serious weight. keep it up !

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well played brother!

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That's good lift and beltless. No better way to shut ppl up!+1

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It seems the MAN/BOY is in us all
WHAT !!! Your gona challenge MEE!!! Lol
Let them talk about what they are— THEN YOU show them what there NOT. great job.

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As usual the shit talker goes awol.

Looking good and strong +2

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these internet trolls/shit talkers are the same guys that watch an MMA fight and think they could bet one of those dudes. Meanwhile the only fight that ever had in their pathetic life is online..

@Pinning nice D/L my man.., the truest test of strength there is.

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Keep pushing it man, I love training heavy as truly believe in this training approach
+ from me

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Ha, I just read the entire thread. Fucking joke. Keep doing you man, kids a noodle with his stats. + from me.

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Doesn't look weak to me bro, congrats on the PR. +1

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You look like you’re on a pleasure cruise holding that weight like it ain’t no thang. No straps or even chalk. Perfect posture. You look like you’re in amazing shape ++

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Strong dude.. +1

Never compete with people on the internet. The only person you should be trying to outdo is yourself. Many keyboard gangsters who would never say the things they do in a persons face.

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Thanks brotha

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I saw cruise and thought, look at that weight room on that ship... I need to start paying attention...or I need a vacation

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I thought the same haha

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