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Blood work from DC Pharma test cyp 200 mg/ml. I inject 0.1 ml ED for a total of 140 mg per week. Bloods taken in the morning before my next shot. BP ~100/60. RHR ~50 bpm.

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Plan on any AI or no?

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No. Got enough blood work to know when I’m around 1100 on total I’m in the 30s for E2. Always been in the 60s when total is up around 1800. Not sure why I’m 60s at 1100 this time, but next round of bloods if I’m still at 60s at 1100 I’ll drop the dose. If you’re popping AIs while cruising at TRT doses, then you’re doing it wrong. I also haven’t had any noticeable E2 sides up to 100, so I don’t worry about it much.

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I wouldn't necessarily say they are doing it wrong. Read enough to know some get high estrogen from TRT doses. Less than 200mg. Also seen enough doctors not like to see 60+ estradiol. Mine Def gives a little room depending on feel. She doesn't believe estrogen is the evil child most make it out to be. I was just curious what your plan was. Thanks.

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I didn’t say it was the devil nor do I run AI even when I’m in the 60s. However, it is not a subjective opinion that if you’re “having” to run an AI on TRT doses then your dosing is too high. That is as objective as it gets. Stay safe out there man.

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Nothing intentionally. Take a size-able handful of pills each morning between my multi-vitamin (orange triad), fish oil, and joint health supplement. Other than that nope, just daily injections no matter if I’m blasting or cruising.

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Thanks boss, 200$ store credit

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