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+ 4 DC order landed


Greater fast delivery had a good feeling about DC from the beginning Placed an order
9,Primo 200 MG waiting on 1more bottle
,Got 3 test promo
Nice presentation !smooth clear oils being a high milligram concentration there was no post injection pain on that primo did first shot @300 mg
4 packs proviron 4 packs Nolvadex
Awesome presentation on the orals nice sealed bags very impressive
I ran primo for years Each summer I incorporate that in my cycle my very first cycle was schering primo and test 10 years ago.. this is a very good high-quality primo can’t go
Wrong with DC great service from him cool guy.. have nothing bad To say. If That goes like this down his road ,I will be placing many orders 2nd one is on the way.
Will Run this Primo at 600 -900 MG for the next couple weeks or so and then bump it up to 1 gram a week.
Not my first rodeo with this compound
Currently sitting at 219 pounds in the Am &222 pounds Pm after all meals
On,600 mg Test E a week/ 300mg NPP a week adding the primo in will run it 16-20 weeks nice and smooth Ride like a 1970 Chevelle.

Ordered from:
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That primo sure looks nice Biggrin

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That’s for sure Makwa !
Nice and clear oil like Evian water

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Nice order man let us know how everything plays out excited to see what this source has to offer in the long run!

Primo is good stuff I’ve only ran it once just this cycle and man have I been missing out! Lol

Gonna be shinning in 8 weeks!

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Place an order brother this primo is very good I’ve tried many pharmaceuticals… this one is up there in, quality I’ve actually pined 400 mg today,in 1shot no PIP nothing not even a slight one !No burning sensation going good so far ..the oils are very nice clear! I did a picture you can look and zoom in ..and see how clear it issmooth BothTest E &Test C ..Both CLEAR oils as well !

Comes out into the syringe fast easy the way I like it ..
and the presentation of the orals are Nice

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Nice presentation. Not a fan of fully dosed caps,but it seems he may adjust that.Oils look clear and clean. And I like the manner w/which this guy interacts w/the community. Looking forward to more feedback on this lab. Enjoy man.

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Thank you sir !
It’s actually the first time that I use caps on orals if it’s proviron or nolvadex. I’ve seen caps before just never got a option to order some.
It’s different just need a few more sips of water and add it to my vitamin routine day that’s what I do.
The oils are very clean and clear like Evian water that’s for sure and yes his interaction is efin great with the people
Here and that’s 1,of the reason I ordered from him
I can tell that the Primo is very good so far just from past experience.. I will update down the road it’s gonna be a long run

And as you know Primo takes time to shine

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Good pickup might try dc proviron if I hear good things.

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Thank you man I would pick up some proviron now if I’d be you with that good pricing.
I’m currently running 50 mg a day Just started I’m also hoping it’s dosed properly and will look to hear good things and feedback from other members time will tell

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Scored nicely!

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100% Rusty & thank you for being always available to help out the others in this community !