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Testosterone Enanthate Galenika
Halotest RAW Pharma
Clenbut RAW Pharma(They switch to Pharma Group Clen)
And a gift KAMAGRA-100.

Everything is fine except for Halo, which expires this month.

Ordered from: 
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Nice order buddy.My order on the way will update when arrived.

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Thanks for picture bro!

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Them amps look delicious

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I know you may feel you should have gear with maybe at least a year before expiry date but as long as you store it we'll. Like your underwear draw, it doesn't require climate control. The gear will be goo for years. You could test this yourself by using all but one box of clean, save the box for as many years as possible and I'd put money on it being just as good as the originals you bought.

A lot of sources have a sale section, cheap quality out of date products can be bought their.

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Ya I have some real high quality clen from maybe 6 years ago now. And it’s the same as the day I bought it, or damn near close to it. Didn’t realize they were 40mcg and for some reason thought they were 10mcg so I bought like 200 of em and I won’t use more then 10 pills in a little cut, like once a year, so basically I bought a lifetime supply lmao and I used some like 6 months and 10mcgs and my hands were shaking and I had a headache so it’s still kicking

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This order looks sweet and came fast.