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+ 2 Blood Test — Test C + Deca + HGH


Recent blood tests whilst running

300mg Test C Dragon Pharma - roid bazaar
600mg Deca - Cenzo Pharma - supp direct
6iu hgh daily - gold tops - onlythebestaas
900mcg mecasermin daily - onlythebestaas

Test/Deca inject Sunday/Wednesday, 150mg test C and 300mg deca in each shot, bloods pulled 36hrs after last I inject.

I’m surprised by how high my test numbers have come back, I’ve ran 600mg before of a well dosed brand and the numbers were not this good. I’m thinking the Cenzo deca could contain an element of test which isn’t cool, but this was a promo win from supp direct so I can’t complain too much, but that’s not the point.

HGH has been keeping the fat of whilst bulking and after 4months starting to see some hyperplasia, that along with mecasermin which I have been running for the last month, with another month planned.

Hb1ac results have come back bang on considering the high dose of hgh I’m running and I’m also mega pleased with my cholesterol considering my cycle but I do run a bunch of supps to help with that

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Why low test high deca?

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Minimum sides.. im also planning to go 900 deca and 150 test.. think its really good

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Deca sides are much easier to manage with lower test

I run all my cycles like this

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Wheres the igf result?? Damn it

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It’s not possible to get igf or serum in my area but I wanted to include use for completeness and a mini review plus GH use does have an effect on Hb1ac and also thyroid

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Igf ? Or gh serum ?