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Before eq test cycle

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Damn dude, this is before? Beast

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Holding it down for us guys in the mid 40’s. Looking great

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Looking great brother have u ran eq in the past?

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I haven't run eq. I'm looking forward to it at 600 mgs a week with 500 test e. I might bump the test up as the cycle progresses. From what I've heard on here eq is ment to be run up to 20 weeks

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I ran eq a couple times just not my cup of tea but many here praise it hope ur run go’s good bro. Let us know how the eq treats u.

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I'm seriously impressed, not homo impressed, just impressed!

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jeesus fucking Christ, this is exactly what a grown up man should look like, with all that muscle, tattoo and beard!

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Looking nice and solid. Planning on a bulk with the EQ?

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Yes but I definitely need to get my calories up. I've got abs but I really want to focus on gaining a solid 8 pounds of muscle if it's possible

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Might wanna crop ur mug out

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Youll enjoy the ride! Work the xals and youll add rock to your solid

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Do u mean keep the calories high? If so that's the hardest part for me.

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Makwa has ton of forums on foods. Sometimes a dense calorie shake can give ya a lil boost. Eating is the hard part.

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