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Heard some good stuff regarding this guy amongst the community so I wanted to see for myself. He’s really easy to talk to he answered all my questions and has extremely fast shipping! Been using these current compounds during cut from another source so will post a review regarding the transition and after completion of the cycle. Seems like a solid guy for sure.

This is one of two orders will post a review

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I have some of that var on the way also.

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Noticed your recent post I think he’s gonna be a legit domestic source!

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Love how u can break those pills into fours that’s pretty awesome.

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Yeah man it’s legit! Especially if your wife or a lady friend gets his lady anavar that are 20mg I imagine the split the same.

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I’ll let you know bro I’ve been on another sources var for 4 weeks at 100 mg a day gonna use his for 4 more weeks at the same dose. Got more otw from him.

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I’ve ran it , loved it . had great results .

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Good to hear! I love var!

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Definitely my favorite oral