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+ 5 AP promo for August


6- Primo 200 mg
3- Anavar 10mgx100tabs
1- Test Ace(freebie)

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How’s that primo?

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Can't comment on the quality as of now. I will be Starting it in November.

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Would love to know the results. Keep us updated please

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Started ap primo yesterday. Will try to keep updating. However, its gng to be a while to comment on the quality of the primo due to how long it takes to really shine through.

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Yea I know the length lol but just post up the results when your cycle is finished. Thanks bud

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How is their test ace? I got the freebie too but don’t know when to throw it in

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Smooth prop! Use it in place of prop as a kick start or when you need a shorter ester. Ace has a slightly lower half life but not much.

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Gear looks good

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Pull the trigger my man. I think You'll like this source.

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It's domestic. 4 days from order to delivery