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+ 1 2nd lab tests last 2 weeks of my cycle


2nd take on my labs, changed pcps so i asked for a blood panel.. also estrogen is at 179.. its not in the pic but thats what it is.. on the same amount..

400mg test e
400mg mast e
400mg primo e

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Thanks for posting. +1.
Not running a ai?

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He shouldn't need an AI with that amount of Test because with those amounts of Masteron & Primo, it should offset it. Below he mentions an AI (so HE PERSONALLY might need it) but also that Proviron might help lower estrogen too.

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Yeap spot on.. i hadent anything, but ive been known to be sensitive to gyno if i dont control it.. but like u said, i havent had an issue with gyno til the very end, i think i might of went a lil higher on test during the pinning and it was enough to flare.. but the ai i didnt start taking til perhaps 1.5 weeks ago..

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Arimidex.. .5mg e3d.. or eod..
Also doing their proviron 25mg ed..