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+ 3 1 year later....


Well this is feb 2012 to feb 2013 onece a chubby little natural mess!
Also never posted a back width shot so hear it is also sorry about the flash of the buttocks.
Currently on 3rd cycle at 181lbs

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wow!!! you look awesme buddy!!! i was in the same boat by boat i mean the love handle boat and thx god mine are mostly gone it sure feels good keep on pushin bro!!!!

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damn, good shit bro! You gonna join the ebc too?

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I hope so depending on start date etc, just started course 3 weeks ago

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Thankfully the arse has gone! I was going to send you an abusive pm earlier when I first saw the "full monty". Seriously, you should know the rules by now, only arses belonging to attractive women are allowed lol!

On a serious note, it's good work mate, well done. World of difference from where you were.

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lmao i thought it was attractive.

but cheers bro n i feel a whole lot different too!

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NIce work you've really got rid of those love handles lol.

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I blamed my mother for her genes but I finally got rid of those ugly things lol

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Nice work man. Good width. What did you run this year

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This or last ? Mostly ran just test cyp most the time Buddy

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Holy crap! Great transformation! +1 keep killin it buddy!

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lol why?

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I have no shame i guess, edited tho

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it's all good nice improvement buddy

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could have done without the ass shot bro.... but keep working ...

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yeah i may edit lmao