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  • U.S Consulate Security Guards Busted

  • rmarlin   •   Fri, Feb 27th, '15 01:22   •   3 replies, 708 views

Palestinian employees at the US consulate in Jerusalem helped American security guards smuggle steroids and other drugs from the West Bank. Interestingly enough, the father of one of the female palestinian employees snitched about her aiding the American security guards in the drug smuggling.

Humor Line: The father seemed to envy his daughter for her "weekly bonuses" she was bragging about to the rest of the family. Her lavish spending and enormous amounts of real gold-embedded headscarfs with "Young Money" prints, raised red flags for her father. According to Islamic traditions, a female child is only allowed to bring in 1/3 total income of what the father brings home.

No wonder it was quiet in that land for a while; I guess drugs brought peace in the mid-east.



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  • Pale
  • 4 years ago

Man are they ass backwards or what. It turns my stomach to hear of women oppressed like that.

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Mine too. It's disgusting.

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  • 4 years ago

nice find.