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Sarmtech website gets busted


I am.not sure if this is against the rules because they were not a source on eroids but I figured it has to do with the ugl scene. https://www.justice.gov/usao-id/pr/nampa-man-pleads-guilty-federal-felon...

The website owner of sarmtech gets arrested for selling 4.4 million worth of SARMs. Not exactly why he was arrested because SARMs are legal to sell as research things. He may of been offering dosage advice for his products and maybe that's why he was arrested and charged.

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Well they said because he knew it wasnt FDA approved but yet he sold under the guise of other supplements so thats the story they will use in court. I almost think if he labeled it SARMs he would be good but we know thats a crack of shit. No one was getting sales tax for it so they shut him down.

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Old gubment ain't getting their cut. They shut ya down while they peddle fentanyl and coke lol steroids bad

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One fla grey market dealer of peps was on here years ago. Busted for selling narcs. So the eyes took a look but typically the meth etc causes a fast halt. Greed. Maybe this us the same?

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