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  • NEW Feature for Registered Sources: Add Your Products to eroids!

  • BFG   •   Thu, Aug 4th, '11 09:48   •   3 replies, 787 views

For Sources

If you're a registered representative for a source listed in Source Reviews, you can add your product prices and direct url to products listed in Steroid Reviews.

We'll show your website along with your ratings, price and URL under the "Where Can i Buy this product".

All prices MUST be in USD.
Product url MUST be a full direct link to the product on your website.

Click Here to add.
You can find the submission link under the Submit button (blue topbar)

For Eroids Members

When enough sources add their products/prices/urls, we'll have a nice price vs store rating compare widget, for each of the products listed in "Steroid Reviews"


Check the lixus dbol review page. Click on the "Where can I Buy Lixus Dbol" tab ;)


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  • john039999
  • 8 years ago

great feature for the customers,bet it will be a pain in the arse for the sources!!

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  • sgtstedanko
  • 8 years ago

NICE! Now that's perfection right there. Very Impressive!

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  • goodfella949
  • 8 years ago

Nice feature!