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  • Delay DP Shipping Please READ!!

  • brandon123   •   Tue, Jul 19th, '11 19:19   •   1 reply, 771 views

Message From Euroking

""Hi guys

Im sorry to say this we took all DP producst out of stock until we are able to ship again

it should be in few weeks

Please bare with us it is our of our hands when problems comes

thats why we take care of our customers and not let them ordering and waiting for months when problems comes

Those who are waiting please have patience we are working to fix this problem asap everything should be g2g within 3 weeks ore around there maximum

Im sorry but its out of my hands

But everything else is g2g to order what you see instock

When Dp is back again we will make discount 20% to make our customers happy again

hope you guys will understand me""


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  • miggymig
  • 8 years ago

20% sale again when they are back in stock! That's always a good thing... thanks for the heads up!