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+ 3 Bostin Loyd dead at age 29


Bostin died this morning at age 29. He reportedly passed out in the kitchen after a workout. Paramedics said it was a heart attack, but it is not confirmed. He was in stage 5 kidney failure … he explained it as a result of a AKI (acute kidney injury) from running the research peptide FTPP adipotide. He had not started dialysis yet and was trying other methods to recover.

I know he was a member years ago on this site and use to post regularly. RIP.

Update by his girl:
Posting on behalf of Ariella and family:
Bostin Loyd funeral information.
It’ll be 2 days

Wake: Friday March 11th, 2022. 2-4 pm & 6-8 pm.
Service: Saturday March 12th,2022 1-4 pm

At Brewer & Sons Funeral Home
280 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609

Proceeding the service Saturday will be a burial at another location.
After the burial we will be gathering at Bostins mothers house, Marie Raia for food.

All of this will be announced again on those days.

NOTE: Ariella appreciates all who have reached out, but words can not describe the pain and devastating loss she is feeling, so that is why she has not responded to her messages.

Thank you

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Now I know everybody who knows me no what I did to him at the Tampa pro and told him he was going to croak young because he wanted to use massive amounts of juice and it didn't work this is great pretty bad when I have to come on here to find out . Young ones should learn from this.......I'm sure if someone wants to dig deep enough to find a post I made or two about him.

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Miss him so much. He was a very good friend to me. Always had an answer and always made time

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Cant say i am suprised rip

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Boston changed the game forever and he would reply to every email RIP BRO

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I was actually just thinking about him the other day. I was watching a Piana video and wondered about Bostin. Now I know. 29 is a kid. --

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R.I.P. Bostin

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Fitness Volt: Bodybuilder Bostin Loyd Cause of Death Details Emerge, Died from Aortic Dissection – Fitness Volt.

Aortic dissection. Main artery that supplies blood to his entire body split... Caused internal bleeding. Weird that it wasn't his kidneys with stage 5 kidney failure.

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Another Vaccident . RIP Bostin

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So in other words his heart blew up.

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Don’t quote me but I believe kidney problems can have a direct affect on the heart.

I’m all for crazy blasts but when you’re a parent you really need to consider what potential ramifications there are stacking grams upon grams. I genuinely feel sorry for his child who’s not going to grow up with his father.

It is what it is though, he did what he wanted and I liked him for it.. right or wrong

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Kidney issues can lead to high blood pressure which obviously can absolutely affect the heart.

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Unfortunately bodybuilders tend to be a narcissistic group in general. They tend not to think how their actions might affect others, only care about themselves. Being a father should have come first in his life since he took on that responsibility.

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You're not wrong. Caused by hypertension and the hardening of arteries.

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Yea bro I heard that the other day... Damn......just never know

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RIP bruder!

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He was a great guy, I liked him, but he did this to himself. Before saying that at least he enjoyed his life that way I pretty much doubt it it's much enjoyment in this with that much gear++. He also inspired others to go this path which is not good. This comment might sound harsh but it is what it is. RIP Bostin

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Watch his videos and it is so unfortunate, with his knowledge and guidance of other mentors in the business told him to stop pushing the limits. If he really had all these illnesses and he always said he would experiment and overdose on stuff and see what happened. It is so sad that he did all this experimentation but did not get basic medical help. Dialysis to at least clean and refresh his system and blood to continue living. Tomorrow is never promised and without good health money and pussy and stuff means nothing. RIP B.LOYD and prayers for the family as well. Way to young.

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He was seeking medical help, had signed up to be on the kidney transplant list … but for whatever reason thought he could recover by trialing different methods besides jumping right into dialysis. He wasn’t shy about using substances while being in renal failure…. All these played a role most likely in his hastened death.

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Wow this is horrible. He was such a great guy and coach.

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A good coach I squared up with him in the parking lot of the Tampa pro and I dwarfed him and I've never done half to do it that guy's done. That's what happened when you don't know who you're talking to on the other end of the message board. I mean I will say no one deserves to die but if you want to play with fire don't expect the consequences when you get burnt.

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Tren on top of that just not a good combo. Tren is bad for kidneys also. Cousin of mine did to much tren for too long and fried his kidneys.

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This. Guy that cuts my hair is on the verge of needing dialysis. I asked him what he thinks the cause was he said Tren. He was a power lifter for 25 years. Big guy. Said he used Tren in almost every cycle he did. Gotta use that stuff in moderation guys. I love Tren but it is to be respected. Just like some of these peptides. Read about an Iranian bodybuilder dying from peptide use at 35.

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Tren or any AAS, peptide, SARM, etc that spikes your blood pressure for long periods is not good for kidneys.

Prolonged, unmanaged high blood pressure will destroy your kidneys that’s why it’s important to monitor yourself, mange dose, duration and consider taking blood pressure medication for harm reduction.

Bostin had a history of high blood pressure, and ran obscene doses of everything. His AKI though I still believe is due to him blasting single vials of FTPP adipotide in one shot (insanely more than a trialed dose) , coincidently he administered the peptide in his lower back fat directly by his kidneys. It’s almost like he had a death wish.

FTPP is also proven to be toxic in rodent studies in high doses.

He also was experimenting with rec drugs and recently was building a habit of taking opiates on leg day (oxys)… all of which he publicly self admitted.

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Oxy's and Methadone....Drugs like that will drop a person quickly.

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You mention he was pinning his lower back/kidney area. If you use growth on the belly will it directly enlarge the intestines? I know high levels of growth can enlarge all cells and organs but that must be on a high dose and for long periods of time. Does anyone know in general what a safe dosage and length of cycle for growth hormone will not cause guts to enlarge noticeably? Thanks in advance

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Hello friend, I do not believe rhgh will have any significant impact to growth when it comes to the location you administer. It goes systemic quickly. Dosage, duration and your bodies ability to signal IGF1 release may play larger roles in organ growth. I do believe that much of that “gut” growth is actually the accumulation of visceral fat around the organs due to the insulin resistance GH may precipitate. Albeit if you keep pinning the same exact spot over and over you may have some tissue/fat loss creating a visible impression.

The reason I cited the administration location of the research chemical Bostin was injecting was due to discussions he had on podcasts about it. Not much data is known about FTPP Adipotide beyond some studies and he was running dangerously high doses, which my have been toxic and administered close to this kidneys. By no means was it proven that this was the cause of his AKI, just a hypothesis and certainly should have no bearing on HGH and site specific injections.

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That’s the story but I think it was Bostin lying about his age and identity. As soon as you guys outed him he stopped signing on. considering his real age … It all lines up. He was 21 claiming he was 24. I remember him in the Muta SI … also posting self pictures talking about the NPC, etc this was 9 years ago. Username XvBeast

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it's really him?

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Damn.. so young