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  • rmarlin   •   Sun, Mar 8th, '15 16:02   •   3 replies, 561 views

Dexter Jackson has won the 2015 Arnold Classic professional bodybuilding contest. This is his fifth win and he also won the title of most wins beating out Flex Wheeler. Jackson was awarded 130k for his win.



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  • bigboy151mx
  • 4 years ago

Cedric should have won hands down!

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  • NoWeakAces
  • 4 years ago

Dexter looked great. I've never seen him not look great. I thought Dennis would compete again this year but I guess he has his eyes on the O.

Biggest surprise was DLB finishing second. Not that she deserved to win, she didn't. I just thought she would come in looking better. In some of her YouTube vids leading up to the show, she looked amazing. But on stage, she was just off.

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She has horrible legs,I would guess she has shitty genetics for wheels...She got beat by the legs Look at the winners sweep vs her hot dog legs LoL...But she does work her ass off