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real lab talk

this group is for everyone to share your experiences with all labs or just a place to learn. There's no restrictions feel free to post lab names. u
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Its been awhile
rolltide3 Mar, 2022
Hey everyone just getting back into it and hope the site is...
manbearpig, 1 year 2 weeks ago 5
A lab
Randytheram Jul, 2020
I order from my source that I have been with for about 6 yea...
MonstrousS, 2 years 8 months ago 2
Heard of this lab?
MonstrousS May, 2020
Hey guys and possibly half of a girl. Has anyone heard of a...
MonstrousS, 2 years 10 months ago 0
supply info
adamjasonstein Oct, 2019
anyone ever deal with Gear Depot? To wit is there kaballero...
adamjasonstein, 3 years 5 months ago 0
Looking for advice
BhigBhoy Apr, 2018
Recently back at gym, decided to try Test 400, not too sure...
BhigBhoy, 4 years 11 months ago 0
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  • test and winny found looking for reliable epo now
    epo.sarms.psyche Jan, 2018
    I have order gear online specific test and winny looking for...
    epo.sarms.psyche, 5 years 2 months ago 0
    GUIDE: How to indentify FAKE Testex prolongatum amps.
    lkj23 Jan, 2016
    Hi friends!! Testex prolongatum is one of the most faked roi...
    lkj23, 7 years 2 months ago 2
    New To Eroids
    Jcain88 Jan, 2016
    Hey fellas Im 27yrs of age/ 5'10 /180lbs From: US (Fl) Look...
    soreasscheeks, 7 years 5 days ago 3
    real lab talk
    rolltide3 Aug, 2015
    Anything goes as to your favorites list to your bad experien...
    daveva, 5 years 2 months ago 168
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