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I hate the mods

Tired of being bullied by power tripping mods? Scared to post in the forum because of it? This is the group for you.
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Nitti aka brother from another mother
Anonymous Dec, 2014
Alright folks Heres your chance to let the Internet tough gu...
Anonymous, 7 years 8 months ago 82
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  • Rustyhooker "MOD"
    Ace Ventura Dec, 2014
    Contrary to the name of the group, I don't hate all mods. Of...
    Steveb, 6 years 8 months ago 687
    Iron_Monk Aug, 2014
    Iron_Monk, 8 years 3 weeks ago 1
    I Hate Bodybuilder
    Engineereddisaster Nov, 2013
    I guess I'll be the first to post here. Bodybuilder. Thi...
    treadinontren, 7 years 8 months ago 12
    I hate Hollywood
    Nitti Nov, 2013
    Do you hate Hollywood? Did he call you some fucked up name a...
    Ace Ventura, 7 years 8 months ago 46
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