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Conspiracy my ass!

Conspiracies? or fact? Things you think are hidden for reasons? Post up your thoughts and opinions..... related to the topic.
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AUTISM and its relation to the military, plastics, pre prepared foods , and chemicals in our water.
tonytulo Jan, 2015
So I was talking to a friend about this , his wife and him h...
Lilbear, 8 years 2 months ago 4
Keynesian Economics, Fiat Money, Gold Standard
HailRazor Dec, 2014
#Explained by "ProstitutEconomics"
HailRazor, 8 years 3 months ago 0
rolltide3 Dec, 2014
Curious if anybody out there thinks there a group of people...
lo, 8 years 1 week ago 14
HailRazor Dec, 2014
The Impastable, 8 years 2 months ago 22
humpnpump Dec, 2014
This somewhat shows how religion is used to control the mass...
humpnpump, 8 years 3 months ago 2
HailRazor Dec, 2014
lo, 8 years 1 week ago 36
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  • Why do ppl join groups and not share ideas?
    Nitti Dec, 2014
    You fuckers post the shit out of some free clen tho? What up...
    bigJOHNstud, 8 years 2 months ago 13
    1% how long do you think we've have been a controlled society
    humpnpump Dec, 2014
    How long do you think we've been under influential control o...
    humpnpump, 8 years 2 months ago 15
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