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Back on track


Life is what happens when you're making plans...

I try to make a long story short:

After my herniated/bulged disc end of '22 we've tried to fix the problems without surgery. Unfortunately it went worse and I've felt like eating more fucking painkillers then normal food. Working with constant pain, lack of sleep, not able to workout and out of this situation getting more and more into depression!

So after months I decided to do a surgery, despite the fact I've been scared as fuck to make things even worse. I've talked to many guys who regret their surgery, of course I was pretty fucked up with this situation. But I had to do it, I couldn't life with this shit any longer.

After surgery months of rehab sports, slowly getting back into my job, slowly able to skip the fucking pills and back on the iron. Of course had to start with lighter weights which a little girl could lift for breakfast.

But it worked until now, painfree, making pogress again and finally having my head clear. I'm fucking back in game!!!

Hopefully all of you doing well and some my old friends are still around here!

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Keep pushing brotha.

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Those pills will grab a hold of your ass and fight ya when you try to leave them. Was on them for some miserable fucking years. Hydrocodone 10mg sometimes 10 a day. Liquor too with a little toot of the hard white stuff. You gotta FIGHT

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Welcome back brother, glad to hear it is working out for you!