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Same shit different day in the world of Steroid use. Some kid (under 25) is going fuck up and start a cycle because some other guy his age did.

Would you jump off an overpass into traffic because Dilly Dickwad did?

If you jerked off to Flex at the age of 9 and learned all the long term side effects and issues from using AAS AT ANY AGE and started to cycle before you ran your NAT course.....and still started to cycle doesn't make you correct or safe.

Arnold, Jay, Ronnie are all freaks that can afford pumps installed in their dicks so they can still fuck at 30, 40, 50 years old.

FYI I didn't start until 42 because I didn't need anything until then. I still get swole on 6-700mg Test and might run another compound to 1,000mgs at 48 years old.

I am not the biggest in the gym but I am one of the MFers looking like the REAL DEAL 365 days a year.....even OFF cycle because I packed on my base muscle.

Slow your roll and think about the long haul.

Dear AbbY

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Get real grandpa, you're just threatened by us 16 year old young guns . My oral only cycles lead me to more than oral only sex from the babes. Plus if I don't use test then I won't have to worry about getting gyno-chlamydia man boobs.

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Down voted for a joke, I was sure the pun and gyno chlamydia would give it away, damn shame

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most of us old guys dont like young smart mouths, I thought that crap was funny though lol

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Zip it gramps, shouldn't you be on I guarantee if we had 1 on 1 hand to hand combat, your face would be Abnormal after I'm done.

Seriously though, I appreciate all the older members here guiding the younger guys and teaching us how to be safe, what to do and what not to do. ;) thanks

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Go against me and ill send you home in a casket- Pandora's new Box.
They call me frog because my soft 16 year old skin makes the old guys here green with envy.

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Nearly everyone's natty test at that age is sufficient to build an amazing body in just 3 years.

If you can't, you're doing it wrong, simple as that...

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Simple fact is most people (not all) either (1) haven't a clue how to train (2) or want it all tomorrow (3) or are plain lazy.