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  • Sessionix   •   Sun, Apr 15th, '18 13:11   •   2 replies, 605 views

Nice to meet you. Weight 77 kg with 13% of BF. I did my first oral only cycle with Dbol 2 years ago. Now I've had a couple of weeks of Anavar and I'm getting ready to do my first real testosterone cycle. I hope to win my fear of needles ...


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  • Goose24
  • 9 months ago

So.... where have you been getting your information on AAS use?

Who advised you on oral only cycles?

I honestly think you need to take a step back and do more research because it's obvious you have either been reading incorrect info or not reading any info at all.

Join this group and start to learn.

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Hello and thank you for your answer. My first cycle was based on a presigned stack purchased on CENSORED. I chose an oral only cycle because I was scared by needles. Now I got better informed and I decided to do my first cycle with 500mg of testosterone cypionus per week divided into two weekly injections.