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  • EditWinter Bulk Cycle >:)

  • Bronsonschwartz35   •   Sat, Aug 25th, '18 14:52   •   9 replies, 578 views

Cycle layout

1750mgX10mg10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
2750mgX20mg10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
3750mgX20mg10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
4750mg50mg EOD10mg10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
51000mg50mg EOD10mg10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
61000mg100mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
71000mg100mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
81000mg150mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
91000mg150mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
10750mg100mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
11500mg100mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD
12500mg50mg EODx10mg EOD0.25mg EOD

Description, concerns and expectations

Age: 25
Weight: 220-225
Height: 6'2"
BF: 10% (Ectomorph)

of Cycles: 5

Cycle Goal: Weigh 250lbs w/ <12% BF
Cycle Length: 12 weeks

First Cycle Log. Currently on TRT for experimenting with gear in my early 20's, but that was the decision I made and wouldn't change a thing. Been out of the gym for a month now due to dislocating my shoulder, and been off cycle for three months. I am hoping to gain as much weight as possible with a clean-ish diet and would like to stay under 12% BF. Have tried test, EQ, deca, tren, dbol, and var. I will be using anabolic titan as my source for this cycle and excited to try them out. Please let me know any feed back and I am very eager to learn new ideas.

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • freedom1981's picture
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  • freedom1981
  • 5 months ago

To be honest I like the npp stack with sust , but you are 25 years old with 5 cycle , I would like to see photo of you seems to me you have nice body with the all gear you had , and I don’t dare to say comment .

  • Celestiax's picture
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  • Celestiax
  • 6 months ago

I'd stay out of the gym until I get clearance from the doctor, to avoid further complications of the injury. The rollercoaster dosing is strange and sustanon is... Well, I'm surprised people still use it. I think it's too complicated with all the different esters and you'd be better off with a stable ester whether long or short. Although shorter than nandrolone deconate, npp isn't really a short ester, not to be compared to propionate or acetate. If i were to use it, it'd be for 9 weeks at a stable dose, with a ratio of 1:2 with test, and run test for 4 weeks longer. I'm not a fan of superdrol, never tired it and don't see a reason why it's better than other orals, especially for someone who's just coming back.

Wish you the best.

  • GrowMore's picture
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  • GrowMore
  • 7 months ago

Slap up a photo fella?

  • Bronsonschwartz35's picture
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Will do man. I’m waiting until day 1 to post pics or everything. I haven’t received my gear yet, but should start in about a week or so.

  • redsquat's picture
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  • redsquat
  • 7 months ago

You forgot to include the kitchen sink bro. Lol. Jk... Good luck on your experiment. Just dont forget get bloods done

  • Bronsonschwartz35's picture
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Yeah I get bloods done with my TRT clinic and the doc is aware of me doing cycles and will ensure to keep me in line. It should be a fun cycle though.

  • Bearded_muscle's picture
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  • Bearded_muscle
  • 7 months ago

Sounds like you did some damage early on. You’re an adult now so to each his own.

A gram of test superdrol and npp? Think that’s how much you need to grow? You’re nice and lean for your size but still smaller than I’d expect for 6’2” and five cycles deep.
Why do you think you aren’t weighing more? Let’s talk goals.

  • Bronsonschwartz35's picture
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Hey brother! I appreciate the comment and help. So I am coming off an injury. I was about 235-238 when I dislocated my shoulder, 12% BF. I personally never taken over 750mg of test before and wanted to see what that was like, but if sides are too bad, I will ramp that back down early. Superdrol, last time I ran that I put on 25lbs and kept about 15 of it. NPP, goes back to the shoulder injury and want my joints a bit more lubed up, but get nasty back acne from deca so I am hoping this won’t be as bad. What are your thoughts? Honestly the last 3 cycles have been the same source but I feel is underdosed, which is why I am trying a new one.

  • Bearded_muscle's picture
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Ok so if deca gives you acne npp probably will as well. Just a heads up. Especially with all that test in the mix there’s gonna be a lot of potential for aromatization and subsequent estro AND/OR prolactin issues with any 19-nor.

With regard to using npp for joint benefits it can add a little extra lubrication, BUT it can also mask injuries or problem areas. It takes away some of your natural ability to tell when something hurts or is wrong which can lead to more injuries if you aren’t careful. If it were me I would want all the sensations possible to help me avoid fucking up my shoulder again. You may need to train differently now and if your shoulders all padded up with npp you won’t know till it’s too late.

I’ve never run SD but when you’re coming back off of an injury you really don’t want to blow up. That’s how you get re-injured. You want some slow and steady gains.

I get acne when I take my test much over 200 so I just keep a trt dose and let the anabolics do the work. Generally helps.

You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do but that’s my feedback. I’d first recommend not cycling and taking more time to heal. If you won’t do that I’d recommend a very moderate cycle with something we know will help repair collagen, like bold cyp, with a test base of 150-200. Acne free and nice steady lean gains. Not gonna blow up and hopefully not gonna hurt your shoulder again.