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  • EditPEG-MGF, IGF-LR3, IGF-DES, Ostarine

  • HydeMind   •   Mon, Feb 18th, '13 00:45   •   14 replies, 5033 views

Cycle layout

WeekPEG-MGFIGF-LR3 Ostarine (MK 2866)
1167mcg PW into muscles trained33mcg Sub-Q in abdominal area after PEG-MGF25mg ED
2400mcg PW into muscles trained33mcg Sub-Q in abdominal area after PEG-MGF25mg ED
3400mcg PW into muscles trained33mcg Sub-Q in abdominal area after PEG-MGF25mg ED
4400mcg PW into muscles trained33mcg Sub-Q in abdominal area after PEG-MGF25mg ED
5400mcg PW into muscles trained33mcg Sub-Q in abdominal area after PEG-MGF25mg ED
6400mcg PW into muscles trained33mcg Sub-Q in abdominal area after PEG-MGF 25mg ED

Description, concerns and expectations

Age: 25
Height: 6
Weight: 208
BF: 12-15%

I will run this peptide cycle right after my current AAS cycle. This will be my first time running ostarine and MGF. I've ran IGF-LR3 a few times in the past post cycle and kept all of my gains and added and gained some more. So I'm excited to see my results from adding two more compounds.
-Link to cycle I am currently on http://www.eroids.com/cycle_logs/tren-atest-pmasteron

I'm competing in the EBC so I would like to add more size to arms, more definition/muscle striation all around and lose BF around the waist.
Link to my EBC Page http://www.eroids.com/ebc/bigger-stronger-and-fucking-cut


There is so much conflicting info out their about peptide cycles. I'm assuming this is because peptide users are a minority compared to AAS users so their is less personal experience and collective knowledge to share. If anyone who is viewing this log has ran any of these compounds and you have a critique please voice it, thanks!

Bellow are pictures of the peptides I will be running and the SARM.

Ostarine (MK 2866)...uniquemicals

IGF1-DES and PEG MGF....labpe

IGF1-Lr3 and PEG MGF...napsgear

Week 1
Its been exactly 12 days since I finished my cycle and I still feel great. I finished my tren 4 weeks ago, masteron three weeks ago and test 12 days ago.

Today I broke two personal records on tricep push down and decline bench! My energy level is great and I'm getting great pumps in the gym. Compared to my experience from my last cycle this PCT is going great. I feel great and I'm breaking PRs. I also have maintained the same weight and according to the mirror I'm keeping my gains.

Dose: If you notice I increased my dose of PEG-MGF dramatically. This is due to a miscalculation on my part on how much I had. I will be the first to admit I am horrible at crunching numbers... And this is not the first time I miscalculated how much gear/peptides I needed for a cycle. I guess its better to have more than not enough. And from what I gathered 300-400mcgs ED is on the high end but others have ran it this high. So if I feel any sides I will lower my dose.

--------------------------------------------------------Last Day-----------------------------------------------------------------

Well today was my last day of the cycle. I must say this PCT and peptide run have been great. I've kept all my gains from my AAS cycle and I've felt great throughout PCT and after. I've broken PRs and I recover great from workouts.

The site gains have been good also I'll post pics soon. I've seen noticeable size and separation in my triceps. Also more size and separation in my calves. I'm disappointed with my biceps little to no gain their from both my AAS and peptide cycles....

I've also leaned out a bit my abs and obliques are showing more and more every day.

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

No progress updates added to this Cycle Log.


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  • press1
  • 8 months ago

Very interesting read actually - Do you still use them/find them as effective years on?

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  • lundgren
  • 5 years ago

You have a favorite mix ? ( labpe / napsgear )
See any difference ? Always hesitate to try the peptides from Naps ;-) But Labpe/Pepbridge work really awesome !
I think the mix Peg Mgf with Igf-1 DES or IGF-1 are better vs Lr3.
Thanks for share your experience :-)

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  • KK9111
  • 5 years ago

Good stuff thanks for the info

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  • oli
  • 6 years ago

Hey man, did you run the standard clomid 100/100/50/50, novadex 20/20/10/10, aromasin 12.5/12.5/6.25/6.25 protocol along with these peptides? I'm assuming you did, just curious though as my PCT starts next week (2 weeks after my last test e/ mast e shot). I'm thinking of starting the ostarine a week before the clomid/nolva/aromasin begins.

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  • HydeMind
  • 6 years ago
  • @oli

I was running aromasin, prami and HCG throughout my cycle but not during PCT. First I ended my cycle by tapering off the compounds. So three weeks before my cycle ended I stopped taking tren-a, then two weeks before it ended I stopped taking masteron so the last week I was only taking test-p and proviron (as an anti-e). So when I ended my cycle the only compound that was in my system was the test-p and masteron.

In PCT I ran nolva 20/40/40/20 and clomid at 50/50/50/50. I wanted to try something new with the PCT this time around. My goads were good because of the HCG I was running so I didnt feel the 100mg dose of clomid was needed and the higher dose of nolva helpd with LH production also. All in all the PCT worked for me as far as keeping gains and not feeling shitty. Although i haven't ran bloods yet.

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  • humpnpump
  • 6 years ago

Drop the cruise idea and do you routine PCT with MGF and IGF-1, your 25 yrs old and extending your cycle into a cruise for more weeks might screw up your recovery and end up on TRT. Play it safe brotha you got many years ahead of you.

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What is the cruise? Please explain if u have time

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  • The Impastable
  • 10 months ago
  • @ttyagi

Cruise is the belief that you need to stay on gear between cycles to keep your gains.

Originally cruising was done by pros who had shows back to back and would stay on lower doses of gear between shows to stay in prime shape. Nowadays cruising is done by every half wit who can’t diet worth a shit and relies on AAS to do all the work for them.

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Yeah I'm really on the fence, tossing around the idea. But I'm definitely planning on running the peptides and if I drop the sus and var then I'll add in ostarine also.

Thanks for the advice!

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Yeah stick to the peptides, heard IGF is great during PCT for maintaining gains and feeling the pump so you don't slump. I've never tried it personally. I just use HGH or GHRPs when off cycle and keep making gains with that. Ostarine can be slightly depressive on your system at higher doses so keep it around 10 to 15 mg would be best since you'll be in PCT and trying to recover.

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Cool thanks for the information!

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After sleeping on it, your right I don't want to risk a permanent shut down.. I'm going to drop the sus and var and run the ostarine I have. So when summer comes around Ill be fresh and ready for another killer AAS cycle.

Sometimes we all need a little prodding into the right direction.

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You will be happier. Good luck in the EBC.

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thanks bro