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  • EditMy Cycle For The Road To Recovery...

  • Hardwork734   •   Wed, Oct 19th, '16 19:05   •   83 replies, 1411 views

Cycle layout

WeekTestosterone PropionateTestosterone phenylpropionateSUSTANON TREN3 HCGCabergoline (DOSTINEX)ArimadexIGF-1 lr3IGF-1 DESanavar (Oxandrolone)stanozolol (winstrol)HGHGW1516
1140mg80mg600IU .75- 1mg280mcg280mcg140mg56IU
2140mg80mg600IU.75- 1mg280mcg280mcg280mg56IU
3140mg80mg600IU.75- 1mg280mcg280mcg350mg56IU
4140mg80mg200mg600IU.75- 1mg280mcg280mcg350mg56IU
5140mg80mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg280mcg280mcg350mg56IU
7140mg80mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg400mcg400mcg56IU35mg
8140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg400mcg400mcg56IU35mg
9140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg56IU35mg
10140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg56IU35mg
11140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg56IU35mg
12140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg56IU35mg
13140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg56IU60mg
14140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg56IU60mg
15140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg140mg56IU60mg
16140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg350mg280mg35IU60mg
17140mg200mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg350mg280mg35IU60mg
18140mg200mg600IU1mg.75- 1mg350mg280mg35IU
19140mg200mg600IU.75- 1mg350mg280mg30IU
20140mg200mg600IU.75- 1mg350mg280mg30IU
clomid after last esterpctpctpctpct600IU till pctadex till pctpctkeep using hgh threw pct 3IU daily

Description, concerns and expectations

what's up fella's
27 years old. competitive sport Athlete.
5'11 1/2 .
198 lb's is my walk around at weight. I compete in welterweight at 170 lb weight class.
Been in athletics my entire life. Been lifting since I was a kid. played multiple sports. college sports.

This cycle was not really intended for gains on the scale or strength, it was more about healing and, not suffering atrophy from sitting around post surgery. about 1 year ago, I underwent a surgery for my left ankle. My ATFL was torn and, I needed it repaired to move forward in my profession.

I had it done and, was placed in a cast for 6 weeks. The atrophy suffered was pretty severe considering my high level of fitness. I lost my entire left leg muscle calves, quad, hamstrings, glut, my entire left side was pretty small compared to my right side. the whole process has been hard to regain my natural
size back.

Fast forward about 9 months, here I am, I am back to about 85% of my original strength and size. still re gaining my strength and performance has been hard , it is still off by about 15% right now.
range of motion, durability, etc etc

Well, upon healing up ,I suffered a small tear in my right hip, the labral cartilage, from over compensation, due to my ankle issues and, had a slight herniation, so surgery was needed again. This time I vowed to be prepared. So, this is my cycle to recovery.

I know some may think, or, I am sure some might wonder where I went with some of this and, why, I went with Test Prop, Test PHProp , when SUSTANON , which I am also using in this cycle, is the same adding 2 other esters/compounds.

My theory was, blood levels being watched and, trying to maintain both, a very high free testosterone range along, with a very high total T RANGE.

I used the the SUST because, it really has a 2 heavy esters attached, Test deconoate and, Test Isocaproate, giving me that slower release and, also keeping bloods more stable for my shorter acting esters.
ISo has a 9 day half life, while deconaote is around 7 days.
Then daily injections of 20mg's of Test Prop for my base. (just seemed right to keep really steady levels)

340mg's is the total number of test weekly besides, the first 6 weeks when using test PHP, before starting SUSTANON, then dropped the PH after 4 weeks of SUSTANON.
Also factor in what does not get absorbed per every 100 mg's of test. I think it is 66 or 88mg that gets absorbed in total. (Please correct me if I am wrong guys), but I really am getting more like 231 total mg's of test weekly, if the gear is dosed as it should be.

Really, it was my choice to do daily injections vs twice a week. I wanted to pull blood levels weekly and, I felt it would be easier to see/track my numbers, with the shorter esters vs longer ones .

Also, keeping my numbers as steady as possible to aid in healing and, maybe help combat sides that happen with spikes and drop off's in blood levels, was something else to consider, with it being a lengthy cycle and, also, a lower dose than most people would run but, still well above a TRT range.

The daily injections of TEST P have really seemed to keep bloods stable so far.

I am using HCG 200IU 3x weekly. Mon/Wed/Fri.

Thanks to KARL and TOPTOP for the HCG
I went with 200IU 3x a week because, I wanted to maintain levels.
Maximal plasma HCG levels peak at about 6 and 16 hours. Sub Q style or IM. Only 80% of it gets metabolized so, I figured with 200IU injection x3 a week I was getting a total of 480IU per week .
HCG has a half life around 30-33 hours so, that was also the reason for doing 3 injections weekly vs 2.

The HCG is being used to preserve my sperm count while on cycle and, keep my LH in contact with my pituitary.
Hopefully , it will keep the leydig cells in my testicles from going completely offline, or keep them on standby mode prior to my PCT.
Kind of like a diesel engine in the winter time, keeping the glow plugs warm, if that makes sense to anyone here. lol.
So far, my testicles have suffered no atrophy. (Knock on wood.)

I am using caber at ..5mg 2x weekly...
Thanks again to KARL again.
I might break it down into .33mg's, 3x weekly, just to maintain blood levels even better. I am using it while on TREN only, then will stop using it.
I had prolactin levels checked before cycle, it was pretty good at 7 ng/ml.
On week 4 of TREN, I had Prolactin tested again. It was slightly lower at 5 ng/ml, so, the Caber is working it appears.
I Have not had the chance of testing it with the ladies yet.

IGF-1 DES, 20mcg 2x daily. pre and post workout or, until therapy is started I went 2x daily.
IGF-1 lr3, 20mcg 2x daily, split AM and, PM.

The pumps are legit from this. It took about 8 days before I actually noticed anything because, I was bed rest post surgery, but, now that I am up and moving, the pump is legit,
I am noticeably sleepy after injections. Also, even though I am on a pretty heafty dose of GH, my skin has this extra glow to it.

I went with IGF-1 because, it is really all about collagen and, connective tissues being repaired post surgery and, later down the road.
The lr3 has a pretty long half-life so, (20 or 30 hours If am correct?)
So, one Subq daily injection would have been fine but, I was aiming for as stable blood plasma levels as possible so, I went with 2x daily.

IGF-1 lr3 is known to be 10x more potent, than the original IGF in your own body .
So, the theory was to have as much IGF floating around in my blood stream as possible, that way, if it came in to contact with my tendons, ligaments, muscle tissues, cartalidge and, even my bones affected from the injury, it could help acceleration of healing and, also ensure the job gets done right post op.

Some studies however, showed that IGF1 injections did not or, was not as effective as our bodies own IGF-1 that gets produced locally within our own muscle compartment/tissues.

(That is why I went with TREN)
The IGF1- DES, shares a much shorter half life, I think 30 minute's before the body breaks it down .

Most studies/bro science, show it to be effectivly used for site injection even though there is not factual proof behind it.

well, I gave it a try anyway and, even though there is to many other factors in this cycle to pin point or, prove anything, I will say this.
My stitches had to be removed early, about day or 6, post surgery.
My family care provider had to remove them before I even went to my first post op appointment. Lol.

The Anavar from pharmacom gave me a real jump start for recovery.
Even at such a low dose, by week 3, I had this feeling of, I wanted to rip off my braces and, go lift shit. I felt an increase in the vascularity department as well as an overall denser look by week 3 or, 4 .

I am using 200 mg TREN 3x weekly.
At 67mg's mon/wed/fri.
I mix it with my 67mg's of SUSTANON that, I also take mon/wed/fri.

I went with TREN in this cycle for its ability to increase nutrient uptake, retain excess nitrogen, and because TREN is known for the ability to increase IGF-1 within local muscle tissue. TREN really helps with creating new red blood cells and, it's production. also aids in the help of getting oxygen saturation of muscles. (all that is needed to help proper healing).

The 3 blend was picked for the different esters.
I wanted a slightly slower releasing form of TREN to keep blood levels stable at only 3x a week injections. NO sides or any issues at all as of now.
Slight night sweat's started at week 2, maybe some small feelings of anxiety soon after after injections. Note*, could also be from me just being stuck on the couch all day.

I know the dose is really low and some may say it will do nothing for me.
I would have to disagree on that, and just say, that TREN, has an anabolic scoring off 500. I think 200mg weekly, is plenty to see some good things happen after 11 weeks of use.

I may or may not even add the winstrol in the last 6 weeks of my cycle as planned. I have it on hand but, I am not sure, I do not see why I could not run it, just didn't have to.
"The dry or achy joints may be the underlying issue though with Winny though."

For my 3 bigger shot's, I use a 25 gauge 1 inch needle on mon/wed/fri.
My other days when using just prop or PH, I use a 29 gauge 1/2 inch insulin pin..
Some say 1/2 will not get deep enough into muscles, and, I say, " it works for me".
They work perfectly and, I have had absolutely no PIP or pain during injections. Everyone has there own way, this works perfect for me.

The GW1516, was added to combat endurance issues or cardio sides that might arise from the TREN. I am still not back to sprinting or, heavy cardio so, I really did not notice any issues with doing cardio on TREN yet.

HGH. I am on a few different brands. I will be on HGH for 1 year with no breaks. Yes, it is a very high dose for someone without a specific reason, I figured, I only get one shot to heal up right so, why not do it right.

Plus, injuries and collagen takes more time to rebuild than we think.

  • 1IU daily of serostim pharma.
  • 5IU daily of somastim from KARL. split into 2 doses, am, pm.
  • 2IU daily of godtropin from MATT.

The GH has all been used in the past.

Matt from GODTROPIN. The quality and, price is right. I have used his product since he started on eroids. Bloods have always been pretty good. Great guy to deal with. Always comes threw.

KARL from SCIROXX. His somastims are legit and, he has been around for years now. I do not know why, he is not in the HGH source section on eroids because, his somas are legit every single time.

Pre IGF-1 score was not done as, I was already on growth before cycle.
My current IGF1 level is about 424ng/dl. Not sure if the IGF-1 DES or, Lr3 have impacted this score. I will continue bloods every 4 weeks for IGF levels.

Some water retention is noted from GH, fingers and, hands get puffy.
Sleepy all day long. My hands fall asleep pretty much 24/7 right now. But I am still able to function otherwise.
I am also using glutamines, L arganine, nucleotides and, hyperzine A while on GH if you guys ever heard of them.
I can sleep all day long on HGH. I feel fully rested everyday after a deep sleep. love the growth.

liver support is choline & inositol 3000 mg's, split 2x daily with milk thissle.

The GH is of top quality, all from sources on eroids.
I may lower the dose if any sides start to overwhelm or get bad, but, for now, just trying to maintain a high IGF-1 until cleared to return to activity or, 365 days.

Arimadex. Using .25mg's 3x weekly.
I may add a 4th .25mg dose, to make it a total of 1mg weekly. I had E2 levels checked prior to starting cycle.
It was 37, which is okay for me.
4 weeks into the cycle, I had them re checked, it was 19. Any lower and, I could almost feel the achy joints coming.
Due for another E2 test soon but, feel like I am between 25 and 37ng, which for me, 37 is good.

l will use Clomid along with a natural test booster for pct and, continue HGH threw PCT, along with liver support and a few other supps.

Also, going to run 25mg of TEST 100 OIL BASE, 3x weekly, as a pre workout before physical therapy/gym sessions.
"I think out of the 25 mg's administered, only around 15 mg's will actually become available or, get absorbed".

I will not be using it until, well into week 10 of the cycle. "I Don't wanna get geeked up an hurt myself".

The expectations are intense training sessions with aid in recovery. The half life is only about 2-6 hours.
I originally wanted to use the WATER BASED TEST 100 from pharmacom, but, Darius convinced me they were the same with slightly slower absorbing periods.

Hopefully, it will give me an increased bio availability of free T levels during my workouts as well.

My diet is pretty clean. Can always be better though.
My daily norm in training and, just maintaining personal health, is about 4600 to 5000 calories a day with all the cardio , practice and, lifting I am use to daily.

Seeing as I can not continue to consume that many calories without gaining serious unwanted weight. I slowly have came down to about 3500 3700 range. My protein intake has still been pretty high, about 50 grams of protein per meal, at least 5 times a day. Or aim for 250 grams total.

Fat's really depend but, maybe 110 grams on a heavy day right now. I like fat sources for energy so in training It can go up a lot.
Carb's are pretty up and down, been consuming a lot of fructose based carbs lately. lets just say, I am always hungry.
I have been Aiming at medium to low glycemic food's, to aid with any blood sugar issues that could relate from using the IGF1. I have never had any issues yet but, just wanted to stay away from refined sugars and, carbs while on IGF, just in case.

Also have a glucose monitor to check blood sugar levels, Just to incase any insulin sensitivity issues occur. So far, I have had none.
other supps I take include,
coq10, fish oil,flax seeds, collagen type 1,2&3. BCAA, beta alanine, ZMA, super b complex,taurine, vitamin c
vitamin D, d3,. pretty much everything right there. I take most of the supps above on the daily, regardless of the cycle.

Overall, My hopes are to heal up real nice. keep my atrophy limited, and get back to action as soon as possible.
So far ,I have had no sides other than small things or, just me adjusting to taking everything really.
My recovery so far has been nothing but great. I almost forget that I am even injured on this stuff.

It is crazy how fast I am already gaining back a few things .. My trainers and coaches at Medsport are really wondering how I am able to heal up and recover so fast. Lol, my little secret.

Any thoughts from any of you old school vets on here, or, any other fellow combat athletes got anything to add? Knowledge is my middle name. so, please do.
I respect the rights of all critics.

And that is my 20 week cycle minus pct information..


Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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  • TheFlash85's picture
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  • TheFlash85
  • 2 years ago

Hey bro- 18 months ago i jumped of a balcony running from the cops, i broke both legs, right ankle and shattered the right navicular bone in 8 pieces- two leg casts for 3 months followed by moon boot on right side for 6 months, i trained the entire time everyday- obviously not legs, i cycled heavily, had all nutrients at absolute peak levels, including vitamin k and almost over dosing on the calcium and d3, im talking massive amounts if anti oxidants, super green shakes, clean healthy foods high in proteins, etc etc bcaas, and im talking religious timing every single day- 7000cals clean- daily, did you know a broken bone can consume 3000cals a day just for healing? I used test, deca, anadrol and dbol pulsed along with 5iu hgh daily, i promise you i done my research and i had absolutley everything in my arsenal to heal myself rapidly! I spent thousands upon thousands! Guess what???? The navicular bone is still in 4 pieces! I limp, my right leg is depleted/ scrawny (bottom half) i wear orthopedic shoes meant for guys in there 80s and im in constant pain- my reccomendation is to actually relax and stray from strenuous activity, i will never heal, its called a non union, surgeouns and specialists say its because i body build the body just cant cope- it cant heal fractures or wounds etc etc aswell as muscles and all the rest, i fucked myself being a self obsessed tough guy who would not lay down and rest when he should have- no amount of drugs, peps or sluts (lol) will speed up the process- only good old fashion rest.

  • Pericu's picture
  • LVL2
  • 140

It's pretty fucked up and I'm truly sorry. I would despair if I were in such a spot.
Anyway, it's a super good analogy for everyone who thinks that aas will be the quick fix.

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

Wow bro, thanks for sharing your story man, sorry your injury ended up being so severe.. you sound like you tried it all under the sun. Impressive bro.

How do you feel today. Getting any better, or does it effect your training or routine.... Time is the real testament I guess when it comes to our bodies.

Hopefully time still is on your side regarding your injury

  • TheFlash85's picture
  • EXP
  • 1081

Its still fucked and i cant train my right calf, what the point is dont go all out untill your fully healed.

  • SuperMax's picture
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  • 780
  • SuperMax
  • 2 years ago

Good Quads but lacking upper body development

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

Thanks bro .. but I am not a body builder. I can not really get to big up top or it affects my cardio pretty hard in longer rounds in my sport. Having bigger legs is more of an advantage for me than having a big chest or other upper body muscle groups.

I also suffered an injury from shoulder blade displexia , so i couldn't really do much up top besides natural body weight workouts for about 12 month. The atrophy from that and sitting out for 4 surgeries was pretty severe.

Especially because I was all natural and had never touched Anabolics or anything prior to my hip surgery a a few months back.

Do me a favor. check out my updated photos an let me know what you think. I am 11 weeks post up from my hip surgery. the Cycle above is my first ever .. I am back to liftig again. The photos posted for my pre cycle above are after I had my hip and ankle surgery this year so, I will admit, there not that impressive but, I l was just giving honest photos to post up because, I didn't want to bull shit my stats like some do on forum's unfortunately.. but please look at a few of my newer phot and give me your opinion. I can only so so much until I am 18 weeks post op. But I am grinding it out everyday. I think my upper game is back to where it need to be.

There in the cycle update or progress section under my Cyc log. Like I said I respect the right to all feedback. So please give it

  • Hardwork734's picture
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  • Hardwork734
  • 2 years ago

As I am in MMA and always with my shirt off I wondered the same thing. Am I natural prone to gyno. But when i seen a DR about it.

They said it's just fatty nipples and you have fatty chest tissue. More of a genetics or diet issue.

He said there was slightly a chance while growing up I was exposed to some medication that could have contributed to the elevated E2 levels. But since my brothers an father carry the same kind of look, it's more of my genetics .. I also eat very high amount of fat for endurance training. I know I can tell when I am Eating over 110 grams a day u start to build of fat around my nipples. Also all E2 levels have always came back within normal range..

But Any thoughts or opinions from you old school vets would be helpful ..

  • TheFlash85's picture
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  • TheFlash85
  • 2 years ago

You have gyno bro, get on it!

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

That photo is 1000% all natty brother. So if I had gyno it's from childhood. But like I was shouting. I have always had big nipples growing up, and when I carb load or eat 100 120 grams of fat a day. I tent to see fat buildup around my chest area or nipples. Just is my genetics I guess.

I appreciate you pointed that out through, but unless my body naturally did that. It is not possible to be from the use of AAS . Maybe growth hormones due to prolactin issues.. I will admit I used growth for about a year after my last surgery. Which was during the time I took this photo before starting my cycle I am on currently.. any thoughts on that?

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

I do not. I have had fatty nips my whole entire life. Can't have gyno bro, if my E2 level and prolactin are in check. My e2 are 26 right now. Thanks for the concern, but it's not gyno

And the photo your commenting on, I have or had never even done any PED or AAS ever prior to now.. so as I said. It's just where I carry my body fat, and have had that since I was a small kid. My brothers an dad share the same full puffy nipples genetic..

  • TheFlash85's picture
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  • 1081

No worries bro sorry if it came off offensive, with that cycle posted was worried for you.

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

Not at all brother Man. I posted it expecting someone to comment on something.. so no offense taking at all bro

Trust me, I use to think the same thing. My hole life growing up with bigger nipples.. the theory would be I have more estrogen receptors maybe and that is why my nipples looked that way , due to hormone fluctuatiing growing up. .

Or maybe some medication I was on as a child caused a spike in e2.. not really sure but , it was like that prior to any cycle and, If I squeeze my chest, it's just like fatty love handles feel.

I even tried to see a specialist to an maybe get script for AI because I convinced myself it was gyno.

But he took one look at my bloods squeezed my nipples an told me to get lost. Lol

Appreciate the feed back all the same Brother. Thanks.

  • TheFlash85's picture
  • EXP
  • 1081

Cool mate accepted fr, pm anytime, can help you with it.

  • freedom1981's picture
  • LVL2
  • 175
  • freedom1981
  • 2 years ago

So the maximum cycle I used 4 compounds and I found it much . Is it normal all these gear also though you are expert or professional in my opinion no reason for all these compounds .

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

Hey what's up bro, I respect the right to your opinion but, nothing you said really made much sense. To many compounds.?

While it may seem like a harsh cycle, it is actually rather mild compared to a lot of other cycles out there when you consider dosage and, to be honest, some of the things I am running, have little to no ill affect on my liver values/enzymes. The ones that do, I try to monitor any sides.
Yes it is possible It could and will affect it somewhat, but, nothing that wouldn't or, should not return to normal after stopping the cycle.

And what's being a professional have to do with anything?...
Idk, I feel like your post was pointless and, offered NO actual advice at all, other than your own personal opinion, which doesn't mean much I guess if you don't give any explanation.

And abuse. Who said anything about abuse?

I am not abusing anything at all. I think your knowledge on steroids or PED is very slim to none considering the fact you said it was abuse.

Steroids were not created for your pleasure sir or, to get big. They were created for medical reasons, so you mentioning 4 compounds is to much without any actual medical facts to back it is just you spitting your own bro science out there, it isn't backed by anything factual.

Idk bro, like I said, I appreciate your right to your own opinion but, when it actually seems useful.

People can safely run AAS and other compounds without any issus your talking about . Hell, people who drink only 1 beer a day, could have a more impacted liver score than mine.. idk Bro, please school me if I am miss something here..

  • Pmob's picture
  • PRO
  • 1923

but, nothing that wouldn't or, should not return to normal after stopping the cycle.

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27
  • Hardwork734
  • 2 years ago
  • @Pmob

Lol haha you catch one of my typos brother... ?

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

And yes it means exactly what it is supposed to say.

  • Pmob's picture
  • PRO
  • 1923

Get real with yourself,So taking AAS is natty?? Your putting foreign hormones in your body. After one cycle your body is never the same. Your replacing hormones that are already there and giving them an unnatural boost,who's to say they will go back to "Normal" Why do you think guys stay Natural? I can go on for days about this and throw some science behind it if you would like? I stopped after I seen this and didn't even read the rest.

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27
  • Hardwork734
  • 2 years ago
  • @Pmob

Put what science behind anything.. you didn't even read the post right. Post your science up bro. Still doesn't make you read any better because we should not even be having this discussion if you read the reply I made to the guy. ..

So please do post up any scientific information you have ... Because I think your wrong saying one can't go back to being a natty after the fact. Yes maybe if.ykur competing your not natural.. duhh, but Anabolic binds to Androgen receptors in the body wjen you take them.

causing local igf1 to be made locally withen muscle groups..

which is why you get big when on them.
Simply science bro
And growth hormone. Which is a poly peptides. Hgh aka pre cursor to IGF1, using hgh makes your body make and store more IGF1.. which while on it yes, your metabolic rate will go up. Your glycogen storage, nutrients uptake , nitrogen storage , even other hormones will fluctuate as well. Hgh turbo charges the mitochondria aka cell engines ... Butt.....

We know when you stope taking AAS or even hgh. Your body does not have that many androgens or igf1 to maintain things like mass, glycogen storage, protein synthesis. Collagen etc etc, basically All the things that happen from using foreign hormones .

Same with hgh. Without it, your body doesn't have the pre cursor to keep IgF levels high , so what goes up must come down.
Yes things like collagen or muscle fibers will remain different. But to say your for ever altered or, can't be natural after use is just BS.. in a performance settings yes, you probably will have an advantage. but not for ever. That's why it's called cycling.. So your slightly right I guess.

But if that's that's the case, no FDA or, any health provider would use them in the medical field because, every patient would be for ever changed...

some muscle fibers and a few things may be altered. But nothing that should not return to normal if your aren't blasting grams of gear for 10+ years.

Either way. I don't want no beef bro. I am just defending my reply.. at the end of the day, I'm just another man of the community.
Enjoy your day

  • Pale's picture
  • MOD
  • EXP
  • 1240

You should spend more time listening and less arguing. Especially when you are fortunate enough to be getting advice from an IFBB pro.

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

I wasn't trying to argue with anyone sir. But , if someone doesn't fully read my cycle log, photos or, post fully before commenting about something that was pretty clear, than I have to bring up that fact.

I am always looking for knowledge not drama sir. So sorry if it seemed confrontational But, as I am a pro athlete myself, been involved in sports my whole life and, have a school background in these specific Fields, I believe strongly in what I am doing and, have very high level of coaching staff and, a very good doctor to make sure I am doing things right.

I feel like my argument was not pointless, so sorry if you felt I am not listening but, my ears are wide open to any and all comments or advice and feedback..

I am as humble as can be , but my passion sometimes get in the way if it. Im glad to have another pro athlete give me feedback though..

It wasn't meant to start any battle. I was merely stating my reasoning . That is all. Sorry if anyone was offended

  • Pmob's picture
  • PRO
  • 1923

. And yes they should return to 100% normal if tbey were affected at all.

You have a lot to learn.... defending your reply....... ok good luck you may want to look long in hard??? I'll go enjoy my day knowing I know nothing you know everything. Good luck

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27
  • Hardwork734
  • 2 years ago
  • @Pmob

Okay brother, I never said you knew nothing but, to assume I don't either just isn't fair.

I really do hope you enjoy your day though and, it was never meant to argue or start any beef. just maybe putting information you are not aware of on the table for us all to have more knowledge. Is that not the point. Sorry if you feel that way.

  • SuperMax's picture
  • EXP
  • 780

Dude, this is a 20 week cycle with majority of compounds you've never used before & you do not know how you will react to.
Your probably going to spend another 20 weeks on Dr. Scallys power pct to try & get your lvls back!!
Just because you wrote a 20page long cycle log doesn't mean that you have first hand experience to make this a successful cycle. & when people, PRO's tell you this is a bad idea. They know from experience!! & if you can't take the hint then it's on you -2

  • Hardwork734's picture
  • REG
  • 27

Okay Bro. Well I'm just going to not even respond to anymore comments regarding this. .

It is pointless now, plenty of others have agreed with me and some others don't. That's okay.

What matters is it is working for me. All my labs have been good with blood work. Side affects. Making progress in physical therapy and healing.. that was my choice.. I respect your comment and feedback. I really do, and , I. sorry you seem to disagree with my beliefs.
I guess only time will tell it all, but Im going to continue my cycle until it is over. And then we will see, because I am an honest person.

Tren will be done in my cycle very soon . I will continue to make updates as the days go by. And your right,

I myself have never used it before, but still doesn't mean anything I said can't be true information because a pro IFBB doesn't agree with me. What did I go to school for then? And there are sports dr as well who would agree with some of the things I have said. Either way , I have the right to my own opinion just the same as you. Enjoy your holidays bro... Either way . My argument ends here, because I didn't want one to begin with. So let's just stop here bro.

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No, you really do not get it. I don't care what you have read on paper or some jack ass told you. You are making permanent decisions for a temporary gamble. But go ahead and fuck yourself up, you are going to anyway. Just remember, YOU WERE WARNED..

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Okay sir. your right. I have been warned. Thanks for that. Either way, I trust my highly paid coaching staff and dr I see. I truly appreciate your concern though.

And I still respect your feedback anyhow. Thanks for it. Enjoy your day. Can we be done with this now? I really aint trying to sit here an continue this going back in forth.

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The science is, that Trenbolone was never developed to help heal you. It was developed to retain size on livestock during transportation. The real reason a person would do a cycle like this is to achieve a new lvl to their physique, which could greatly benefit you. Just keep it real

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So, a lot of drugs are created for other reasons and end up being used for something else all the time.
"Viagra"was not made for your dick. or antidrepressants or SSRI's can be used to help with IBS, headaches, among other things. There's often always some sort of off label use with most drugs.

I guess you can argue that there some lack of evidenc, due to it being non FDA approved. But, that does not mean that there is not research that suggest it, or the science behind Anabolics isn't the same when talking about tren, tren is a 19 nor. There's data out there.

tren does way more than what your saying it does. don't believe me. Just do a little thorough research and, you will find plenty of information that suggests it.
Cycle logs. Blood levels. Even with animal trials. Yes, I am sure many other compounds I am may be paying a huge factor but, tren is one of them.

I am not going to argue that fact because, the information is just to availabile to even start a debate. So, as I stated why I used tren is clear. Tren has an anabolic scoring of 500. It's anabolic and androgenic properties can do be very affective at very low dose and give very medical benefits .

You simply put it as, it is only able to add size, but that is not the only case at all. If you understand how Anabolics even add size then, you could agree that it has medical properties..
Tren like other steroids or Anabolics have plenty of medical properties to them. "Decca"

Just like the most common aromatase inhibitors we choose or, get used for estrogen control. Most of them are used for cancer meds to control e2 levls yet, we prescribed them to males for cycle support or, pct. " Clomid" .
Yet clomid, even though designed for one reason, gets used for other purposes.. so who cares if Tren was created for livestock.

It has many other uses than taking ones physique to the next level.
I myself am, using it for its ability to bind to my adro receptors strongly in certain muscle groups and, cause rapid increase in IGF-1 locally to allow me to help keep my body from suffering atrophy among other things.. ..
it does it better than testosterone can at lowers doses ...

So as you said keep it real. there you go or, I hope that is real enough.
I used tren to increase my igf1 locally in my muscles because. It is so anabolic at a low dose, I could use it and, not gain to much mass on the right diet.

Yes, there is a cool perk to it, I get to look good for a little while and, get a little gains. But that's not what I care about at the end up the day.
I care about getting my body back to a full 100% post surgery and, being able return on time to my sport and, as healthy as before.

Also, tren has an amazing ability's to increase nutrient uptake.. nitrogen... Help with fats, protein and, cards being utilized or, helping protein synthesis. there's many things I could continue to say but, I am not trying to argue bro.

I just asked that you look for yourself I guess because, the facts are out there. ..
It is not to hard to find the information I gathered to determine it for myself. It is just science along with some math and biology. Maybe it has caused a placebo affect , but, I would say it is doing it's job.

The proof is on the pudding and, for me, I am seeing it for my self with my recovery, my blood levels, IGF scores, the gym or, in physical therapy.
From my doctors, coaches and, trainers, I am way ahead of other patients who under go the same surgical procedures.

My range of motion, lack of bruising Post op, the capules around where they cut me smoothing out and, not thickening up.
Tren I think may factory in suppressing cortisol levels somewhat, again debatable.

Not suffering more atrophy .. wounds healing. Even X rays and, ultra sounds preformed show good results.
All shows the compounds I went with are working perfectly to aid my recovery.. so for Me, that is Enough to believe tren can be useful in other things than what your suggesting.

So idk bro, not looking to start any beef But, what I say is keeping it real and, I stand behind what I said. I do respect all feedback though so, I hope I am not offending you. At the end of the day we are all flesh an blood. Mistakes can be made but, I just am not seeing the mistake in this equation.. show me differently and, I will say your right.

" Don't you know about bro science bruhhhh". Lol..