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  • rschmidtmusic   •   Fri, Jan 5th, '18 21:21   •   7 replies, 656 views

Cycle layout

WeekTest - EEQ - CypNPPDbolAromasin
1600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg ed
2600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg ed
3600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg ed
4600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg ed12.5mg e3d
5600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
6600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
7600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
8600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
9600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
10600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
11600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
12600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur12.5mg e3d
13600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
14600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
15600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
16600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
17600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
18600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
19600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d
20600mg mon/thur600mg mon/thur50mg eod12.5mg e3d

Description, concerns and expectations

This will be my third cycle over 3 years. All three previous cycles had been 500mg/week for 12 weeks (I did add dbol for three weeks on the last one) followed by nolv/clomid pct. For each cycle though I had been overweight and while I did get big, it really wasn't the big I wanted to see. This go around, I wanted to make sure I did everything more correctly. The goal is to gain muscle and strength. I'm currently 200ish pounds and 13%bf. I try to train 6x/week (Upper/Lower/Chest & Back/Quad/Shoulder&Arms/Hammies). I enjoy working out as I was once almost 300lbs and caught the fitness bug and can't stop. I am very good diet wise currently around 3000 and maintaining but know I will need to add more. I will be getting bloods done before, during, and after the cycle (something I neglected in the past). Just looking for some feedback. *Note PCT will be 100-100-50-50 clomid & 40-40-20-20 nolva.

PCT enough for length of cycle?
Should I add NPP at end?
Do I need HCG or any other ancillaries?

Thanks! Comments and thoughts would be much appreciated.

Pre cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • RangerVet's picture
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  • RangerVet
  • 12 months ago

So your 3rd cycle you want to run 4 drugs for 20 weeks?? Who told you 20 weeks is a good amount of time? That is not ok. After 10 to 12 weeks guess what? You plateau. The few who don't are the pro's. You said you got big in prior cycles and not in a good way! So throw away the dbol. You bloat and look silly. Hold alot of water. Does that make sense? You need to go back to test only at a low dose for 12 weeks to get leaner, more muscular and loose the soft parts and weak points. You don't need to bulk. You need to spend years gaining muscle only. No quick huge dose cycle will fix that.

  • Twiztd1's picture
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  • Twiztd1
  • 1 year ago

With your cycle bud I would drop the eq all together go for the basics if your going to add something to test like just npp or deca and definitely not both. You don’t know how you will react. I don’t have a issue at all with eq other than dosing amount and for me high blood pressure I’m normally 110/65 with eq 155-160/100. I took a little cialis and that helped. I would say that your not ready with just the just how you say your weight 200lbish. I now my weight all year round and I would say 95% of the guys that are on here that are making progress now there weight at any point with in 5 lbs. what was your diet at before. 3000 calories doesn’t say much. I would personally if I were you stuck with just test 500-750 maybe some dbol maybe. Fix whatever your doing in the gym and dial your diet in. At 6ft you should be able to push 215-225 without gear. But it’s your choice

  • helloBrooklyn's picture
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  • helloBrooklyn
  • 1 year ago

EQ cyp? For future reference, EQ refers specifically to boldenone undecylenate. EQ cyp is like calling trenbolone acetate “Parabolan ace.”

  • Jayzgainz's picture
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  • Jayzgainz
  • 1 year ago

If you ran test only the 1st two while overweight why not try the same cycle while your leaner? Maybe with the dbol if you must . Perhaps the effects will be more inline with what you want them to be.

  • Bearded_muscle's picture
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  • Bearded_muscle
  • 1 year ago

For 6’1” you’ve got a good amount of muscle on your frame but you could definitely add another 20 naturally of quality muscle. This is a fairly advanced cycle you might need when you’re pushing closer to 250 lbs, but not yet.

  • Rustyhooker's picture
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  • Rustyhooker
  • 1 year ago

Trainwreck for a 3rd cycle. Imagine what your 20th cycle will be.

Scrap it.... fix your gym routine.

  • herpjunkie111's picture
  • LVL3
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  • herpjunkie111
  • 1 year ago

Wouldn't you need to at least have some caber on hand running a 19 nor?

From everything I've read during my research here, your first few cycles should be test only, and your trying to run 4 compounds on your third cycle?

Ran boldy before? If not I wouldn't run NPP. Personally I wouldn't run the orals either being a novice.

This is just my humble, inexperienced opinion by I would run test only. You said your previous cycles were unsuccessful, so why not try to successfully cycle test first before jumping into multiple compounds, that's not the key to success here I don't think.