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  • EditBoldenone Cypionate + Test-E hunger loss/mood log

  • RBN   •   Thu, Mar 5th, '15 07:17   •   5 replies, 959 views

Cycle layout

Description, concerns and expectations

I hope this is ok, please gimme a headsup if I've unwittingly broken any rules or anything, i take it I just come back and click edit to add updates right?

Ok so given the response to my recent post (thanks guys) asking about Bold Cypionate (not to be confused with regular EQ which is slower acting) side effects I thought I would start this log for anyone interested in this compound or anyone also getting mood/hunger side effects.

Compounds/dosage: 300mg Bold Cyp every 4th day (so that's 3 clear days between shots)
150mg Test-E every 4th day

All usual ancillaries on hand in case of problems.

Duration 8-10 weeks depending.

About me:

Age: mid 30's

Mood: Since starting TRT positive/up beat/confident/nothing really gets to me, no mood swings (unless I forget to do a trt shot) sex drive upper normal range, never prone to aggression in any way (other than in self defence obviously).

Appetite: I have no problem getting food down, never really deviate from my clean diet other than a cheat day about twice a month if i feel i need it..

Previous cycles, trt for 2 years, 2 x 12 week cycles of just test-e and one 8 week cycle of test-e and deca,

Peptide use: Ghrp-6 and cjc1295 (or whatever it's called) ghrp-6 gave me a weird cold/slightly unpleasant empty-but-not-hungry feeling in my stomach straight after every injection.

Expected results: Mostly just going for injury repair anything else will be a bonus, will be running a clean bulking diet.

Bloodwork: Had it done the day beofre starting and am still awaiting the results, will be getting it done around week 5 or 6 which is when I am led to believe the Bold will be peaking. (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any point here.

Bloodpressure: normal.


Ok so here we go:

Day 18: Appetite: Really struggling to eat for last few days, even my breakfast oatmeal/rasisns/whey takes me about half an hour to get down (i usually wake up hungry and shovel it in within seconds) and leaves me feeling sick. It then sits like a lump in my stomach for hours. This applies to all meals.

Mood: I am definitely feeling more sensitive than usual, sad things seeming to get to me a LITTLE. Constant feeling like you get when you are about to walk into the dentist or do something unpleasant, again not overwhelming or out of control but certainly there.

Day 20 / 5th Injection day : Breakfast is still an uphill slog. Mood: Libido still up, still feeling sensitive but quite positive.

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  • VinnyVar
  • 2 years ago

I know this is an old review, but will try my luck to hear some new news.

Everyone, thank you for your inputs. I have been running clean for 6 months and waiting until March to jump back on cycle. Bouncing back from calve surgery and did not want to touch the sauce while my routine was weak. I consider myself at the Intermediate level, mid 30's 228 lbs, but dealing with about 21%BF right now because of my . Gonna try this BC out with NPP and sust for a 13-16 week plan. I appreciate everyone giving their inputs. Would love to hear about the physical results. Any one of you are welcome to Friend Request me or please post physical results here. Would love to hear it.

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  • iMONSTERoids
  • 4 years ago

Im currently on Boldenone Cypionate front loaded 900mg 1st week, 800mg till I hit the 10th, sloping it down to 600mg a week. No appetite till the end of 6th week and I was eating every minute on this stuff. I do feel A bit down on this compound. It stings A bit every pin I take. I think this compound is best to front load on high doses and do at least 16 weeks, Just my thought.

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  • Iron_Monk
  • 4 years ago

Can we get an updated?
Still no appetite?
I'm using bold cyp too...
Its nothing like eq

  • anon
  • Anonymous
  • 4 years ago

I would try to stretch this to at least 12 weeks if you can.

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Yes I may well do just that, depending how things go.