GODT240 ( HGH)

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Has anyone ordered from here recently? I’ve been seeing some reviews about scams or not receiving their order. Haven’t ordered from them in 2 years.

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Quiet in here

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Can someone explain to me why these 24 iu bottles have the same amount of powder as a 10iu blue cap

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The godt240 website has been down and I have not heard a peep from him in 5 days since sending payment. Anyone else having this issue? Forgive me if this is an inappropriate place to ask this.

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Hey guys,

How do i add stars next to my reviews?

I can not seem to find the icons


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You need at leas 5 karma on your account

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I've been on Angtropin for like 4 months, my supply said no more. Back to research. I do 3/day. I'm on sus 250, eq. I love my current stack, but need a bit of insight on my new hgh...

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@gogo90809 You left your review incomplete, can we get full pics of your pre and post levels?

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@gogo90809 Your GODT240 review has been deleted.
You're welcome to publish your review once you've gathered and submitted evidence to support your claims.

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I have read only good about this HGH, but where do I get that? I'm missing the source link somewhere....

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Been a while since I took a ride on the God trop in

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thanks for your support bro
stable high quality gh,

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hey guys
we are the owner of this HGH brand GODTROPIN since 8 years, we always keep stable high quality for our customers, we won't produce shit stuff to ruin our reputation. satisfaction of the customers are our priority. we guarantee reship if its lost in the customs. your guys can always share experiences or leave honest reviews here. thanks a lot.

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