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Estimated T/A: 
Payment to door 3-7 days FREE SHIPPING OVER $500

Minimum Order: 
$50 crypto and cashapp, $100 Zelle, $200 Vanilla Gift cards and Paypal

Payment Methods: 
Paypal, Cash in mail, Crypto, Zelle, Vanilla $300, cashapp with bitcoin

Please note

cashapp instructions


We have a VERIFIED VETERANS group, please contact us at [email protected] for admission.

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Blood tests total/free test uncapped $100 store credit

Submit order payment verification asap or you’ll delay the process, Zelle payments are processed on bank hours and can take 1-3 days.

Anadrol 50mg
Lady Anavar 5mg
Anavar 25mg
Arimidex .5mg
Bold Cyp
Cialis 10mg
Cialis 25mg
Clomid 25mg
Cut stack 150
Deca 300
DHB 200
Dianabol 25mg
EQ 300
Mast E 200
Mast P 100
Nolvadex 20mg
NPP 100
Proviron 25mg
Sust 250
Superdrol 10mg
Test C 250
Test E 250
Test E + (275mg/ml)
Ultra Test E 400
Test P 100
Tren A 100
Tren E 200 / Test E 200 (200mg each per ml)
Tren E 200
Turinabol 25mg
Viagra 25mg
Winstrol 25mg
Lab tests
Test E+
Tren Ace
Test Prop
Cut Stack
Mast E
Mast prop


If you can’t read I can’t guarantee fast T/A times.

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This place rocks tried to post a review but was taken down so going to post it here..

Sorry in advance I know this is not the place.

I tell people about this place, that and the reviews here are going to keep them rolling / open. I work hard for my money and have no issues or worries placing an order with them at all. Not tech savvy but will figure out soon how to post pics. I tell people once you try them they will be your new source 100 percent

Checks all my boxes
1) prices
2) real gear
3) good communication, fast replies
4) super fast and discreet shipping
5) easy to use payment with many options

Waiting on the next sale to tight and screwing my gains lol

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Sry for this noob question but your anavar and cialis……dissolve under your tongue or swallow?

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Swallow it.....

God that felt weird typing that.

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Hell.. felt weird just reading that

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T stands for...time! Gotta take time to restock all that test.

Usgear's picture

Daddy needs a nap....

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Nahhh you've been gone to long. Lol you've been napping! It's serving time!

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So he’s out of stock right now? I just made an order a couple days ago. I think I did grab the last couple of bottles of sustanon

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I was going to bite the bullet and jump on some tren ace that I haven’t touched in 7 years. Went to click it and it said out of stock. Maybe it’s a sign --

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It should be back now., not to sway your decision at all, just sayin...

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I’ll have to see if no can spare the funds. My kids birthday is next week and she also goes back to school and last year her school supply list fucked my wallet up. I was reading the site where it says being active on here and writing reviews gets you rewards. I’ve done both of those things. Is my reward a thank you or maybe a firm spanking?

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Here is an Attaboy for you.

Anobolic irby's picture

This reminds me of the first time my dad hugged me instead of beating me

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Maybe so. Never touched Tren. He just had a sale so that cleared him out.

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Tren gives me very specific mental side effects. That’s how I knew my old spruce was selling me fake stuff. Me and my friends later found out it was actually test prop mixed with something else. Tren gives me gains like no other. Which is why I loved it in my 20s it did however get me into some very bad situations. And it definitely sped up my already nearing divorce haha but also after a few cycles of tren, I learned to control myself and also learned not to go over a certain dosage. I mean hell my first cycle was 750 test and 600 tren a week. I had never touched any of that stuff but they guys at the gym assured me I’d be fine. They didn’t even know what an estrogen blocker was. Needless to say, my first cycle was a roller coaster.

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Well many veterans here will tell you that 600mg a week is probably way too much. And I'll tell you that you can't always listen to your gym buddies when it comes to dosages, especially guys that don't even know what an estrogen blocker is lol. We are all the same but yet different. The one shoe size doesn't always apply to everyone. Sometimes that shoe is too dang big or even tight. I've even had to explain that to a few vets here.

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Oh trust me I learned fast that these gym guys had no idea what they were doing. But you sauté couldn’t tell them that lol. Last tren cycleni did was 50mg tren ace a day. It was amazing. I still got angry somewhat depressed at times but not nearly as bad as when I ran tren high. Andni know what you mean with roses hitting everyone differently. I run my test at 750-1000mg a week and people say I’m lying cause there’s no way o could handle the sides at those doses. At a gram of test the worst sides I get is some oily skin and a little acne. And sure maybe I get a little more agressive at times. Mental sides hit me more than anything but not with test, that’s usually when I run anything like tren, anadrol, deca, EQ. They all make my anxiety horrible at times butni lesrbed to deal with it.

DeeMan's picture

Yeah I don't even run test that high. Too many sides, especially high bp which eventually can kill you. Now you may not feel sides from running test that high but you or anyone else will eventually start to feel something running test at that high of a dosage for a certain amount of time. And I agree EQ will give alot of folks anxiety. Some also get mental issues from Deca too. We already know tren gives all mental sides lol.

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Promo order landed in 5 business days from placing it...thats fast considering it was last day of promo. Thanks brother, I will get some pics up this weekend and review when appropriate. Got some Cyp, a couple Deca and some cialis.

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Any idea when winny tabs will be back in stock?

Usgear's picture

I think its 2 weeks out

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I put up a review on Eroids. Quality of this site is fantastic as my review said better results in first 4 weeks then 4 months on others. Can’t wait to see my end results

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Put some reviews up boys. Do it for T.

Usgear's picture

I love me some reviews!

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Well that promo killed our stock! Lets get some reviews up, we're slipping!!!!

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I am relatively new here, so if this question is outside the bounds, please let me know. I have 5mg of Semaglutide and am curious how to mix it with the bac water. Background: I have lost about 24 lbs using 2.65 mg/ 1ml from a compounding pharmacy under the doctor's care. However, considering the cost and my previous success with other sources, I ordered some. The new product is 5mg Semaglutide in a small vial (2ml?). Does anyone know how to mix this stuff to align with what I previously used? For reference, I was injecting .1 (4 weeks), .2 (4 weeks), .4 (4 weeks), then .2 for continued maintenance dose.
I have used the peptide calculator in the past, but with only having the reference number of 5mg Semaglutide (New Product), I am confused and don't want to do more than I need to do accidentally. Thanks in advance.

Big_Ape's picture

You want 2.65 mg per ml. You have 5 mg. 5÷2.65= 1.89. So you need 1.89 ml. Or you could just put 2 ml and have 2.5mg per ml.

In a promo × 1
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Anyone have experience with the DHB 200? I’ve heard DHB dosed over 100mg/ml is unusual or something to stay away from. Also how is the pip with it being more concentrated?

pocket_hercules's picture

I was dosing it at 1.5 cc per injection (along with test c and mast e) and had very little pip. I would get a lump from time to time, but a heated rice pack post injection made it go away pretty swiftly.

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Anyone else have any experience with returns or missing packages? Tried to correct the address and was told that i’m just gonna have to reorder everything and pay again. I really want to be transparent and give y’all the benefit of the doubt i’m even willing to take half the product and eat part of the cost.

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