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Lunatic1987's picture

Has anyone had any experience with these “Cheque drops?” I just ordered some but there isn’t much info out there it seems.

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teamroids's picture

@wanted I sent you a pm check mate.

teamroids's picture

The new version of eroids and the new karma system is amazing thanks @BFG
now we can finally see 500 + karma how active they really are and not just eating up the promos.
we're able to see how many reviews they're doing or have done in the past. I really think this new version is a big advance for us sources.

thank you guys!

Lunatic1987's picture

I would also like to join this promo, this is my one and only src. Don’t fix what isn’t broke.

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press1's picture

These Valkryie products must be pretty good if you are stocking them guy's?

What's the lowdown with them? Smile

teamroids's picture

yes bro we're very happy to stock Valkyrie Pharmaceutical and looking forward for the feedback from our dear members.
Valkyrie is not a new brand it's well known in EU and on different boards.
you have to give it a try mate!

godchurch's picture

I made an order on the site the other day (made a new account with a new email) and now its saying I dont have an account..... Could you accept my FR

teamroids's picture

accepted Pm sent thanks

steroidmen's picture

Wait for try long stack .

teamroids's picture

@Izzy75 and @romangod send me a PM can't find you guys thanks!

MightyMatt812's picture

What up fam haven’t been on in awhile life got in the way had gallbladder surgery. Came on and dam this new site it’s a little confusing

Rustyhooker's picture

Get well soon!!!

MightyMatt812's picture

It’s always something bro I just started getting to where I want to be then bam some shit happens

teamroids's picture

Hello guys,
All pm is deleted because of the new eroids update so I need you to resend me the messages regarding promos etc thanks Dance 4

Roman124's picture

Promo Review up @teamroids. Thank you gents Para rocks and your customer service is exceptional.

teamroids's picture

thank you so much for your support and for the honest review.

steroidmen's picture

pm sent

steroidmen's picture

I don't understand how can i pm you ?

BullDozer5's picture

I think a lot of people are struggling to get to grips with the new Eroids TR, it took me by surprise when I logged in this morning lol, I think it will take some time for us all to get up too speed

musclemayfree's picture

I have been trying to login and reset my password all morning. I need to place an order. Hope yall aren't gone.

tguns00's picture

Finally reviewed the Para Pharma anavar10’s i got and ran last summer 2020 from promo 40. @teamroids I’m so sorry taking so long, i honestly thought i already reviewed them. I saw your reminder a few posts back and was like hmm.. sure enough. Anyway got it done. thanks so much for letting me give those a try. 30-50mg/day was all i needed to know that PP var was legit. I try preaching to newbies about having a disciplined/goal-oriented diet and workout regime then only sprinkling in low dose but goal-oriented ped’s.. versus the opposite. I simply ran trt alongside the var and it added such appealing effects like icing on a cake. Based on that experience i shall be purchasing more PP to enjoy. Your promos are impossible to pass up haha Thanks again teamroids

WhySettleForLess's picture

When will you restock us domestic PP anavar 10mg?

Didaz's picture

Hi team roids!
Pm sent with a question about package .

teamroids's picture

PM replied thanks

press1's picture

The A-Team coming through again! - just received my order :-))

Deduct a week off the timescale as I changed my mind and stalled the order and added some Test also - so all in all it took 2 weeks from ordering to arrive in the UK. These guy's never fail to impress me on delivery times for an International source, I've had many where its only taken a week!

BullDozer5's picture

Deffo one of the best sources on eroids , great guy to deal, with , fast and discreet and efficient shipping and fantastic products .

teamroids's picture

thanks brother appreciate it!

BullDozer5's picture

Credit where credit is due in my opinion no problem whatsoever my man .

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