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What's the carrier oil used in Valkirie injectables?

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Paratropin is now back in stock again!

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skills :
Owes 5 reviews!


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then you also have deleted accounts which didn't review :


list is long..

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A lot of those guys were banned for being promo prostitutes having multiple accounts, meaning a lot of those guys are probably the same person. I would consider possibly running promos for review karma to avoid this type of thing.

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75 flagged by teamroids and more will follow

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75? Hot damn! Only takes a few min to write an honest review of one's

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Damn 100 reviews not given for promo items?

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Can't say enough good things about Teamroids. My go to for years. Hard to branch away from a great source like this. They always went above and beyond for me. Even during the Covid days. I'm trying something different this season but will definitely be back to Teamroids in the future.

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anyone try the tren? Smile

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Hot!! Para is my international fave

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Yes. Both Dragon and Para. Ran A but not E. Very strong products. Ran proviron with it as well.

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Which lab? They carry several.

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Hey TR. I sent you a friend request about 2 weeks ago. Can you plz accept so I can message??

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Can someone please remind me what exactly your most recent promo was? I was selected for the promo but the promo page is down so I don't remember exactly what the details were.

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Touch Down!! Who’s ready for the Super Bowl! Very quick yardage, from kick off it was about 9 and goal before that touch town landed in the end zone. Oh, and that extra point was packaged real nice between those uprights. I will post a picture shortly, along with updates thus far but just a quick one for now, I been on there para mast E field for about 5 weeks now and only playing with there mast and test and everything is oh so smooth, no pip at all and waking up drenched every morning, but feel full, dense, and just all around great. I will post accordingly teamroids just wanted to throw it out there for the discussions.

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Hittin gym early and big screen is ready to go!

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How can I DM you ?

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Where in the land of Steroids is this guy lately, 7 day's MIA? @Rustyhooker

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Pulled the trigger and ordered a bunch of para primo 200 and para prop for the summer cycle. Haven’t heard any negatives on para and I’m excited to run the primo/prop at 800primo/250-300prop per week. Primo and prop are my favorite cycle because it’s a cycle I actually FEEL GOOD on.

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Good for you bro, I wish I can run that cycle.

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Right?! Big money run. Some day....

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Nah not that much money when they go for 60% off with crypto. That’s why I jumped on it. It’s worth paying a little more though to actually feel great on cycles that’s why I use and love it.

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Can’t deal with the frequent pinning and Pip.

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I wonder pip on primo.

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I can't speak to the primo, but Para is some of the smoothest gear around imo.

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Para is my go to international for sure. I need to quit staring at it and just man the fk up. Lol! I keep running tren because i know it works but as i get old...i need to look at wiser choices

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