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We are proud to introduce you to PURITY PHARMACEUTICALS. We were found and created because of the low quality there is within the current market. By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

What do we offer :

✅ We only use raw materials from a highly regarded supplier with a minimum purity of 98%
✅ Our injections are produced in a cleanroom and filled in our sterile laminar flow cabinet.
✅ We sterilize everything in our autoclave.
✅ Our injections are made with low-viscosity USP-grade oil and we do not use synthetic solvents such as ethyl oleate.
✅ Our Benzyl Benzoate and Benzyl Alcohol are pharmaceutical grades 99.9% pure.
✅ Our vials are accurately filled with a peristaltic pump to 10.5 ml to ensure a precise filling for each vial.
✅ Our boxes are sealed to make sure you are getting the highest standards. Our labels have a unique scratch code that you can check on our website for authenticity.
✅ Our tablets contain our logo and are light blue in color.
✅ We use the highest quality binder solution which makes our tablets hard yet they will break well.
✅ All our products are correctly dosed with a margin of up to 10 percent. (in practice remotely overdosed)
✅ We get our products tested regularly to make sure we can offer the highest quality on the market. On our website regularly we publish lab tests of our products.
✅ We also want to encourage you to have our products tested so you can see the results for yourself. We will give you a  250 euro shopping credit for each lab test you send to us!

We are not in favor of "seed oils" because of the high omega-6 content. But because 100% MCT oil gave many of our testers pip after injection, we now use an oil “blend” with a large part MCT and part GSO. We want to keep this formula a secret because of possible copying by other competitors. Our MCT is of German USP quality and our GSO is organic and of high quality.

We also pre-filter our oil with .45 filter and after making the oil with we repeat the filtering process with a  .22 micron filter to sterilize. This blend is pip free for everyone and we found it’s the best way to remain our product to be acceptable in terms of health.

We only use BB and BA in the lowest possible concentration of pharmaceutical quality 99.9%. Many labs use cosmetic grade and high concentrations of BB and BA to prevent crystallization and guarantee sterility. All tabs are 175mg in total weight and contain 20.25 or 50mg of raw material per tablet.

We use a professional v-mixer to ensure a homogeneous mass and equal dosage across all tablets. We have been working behind the scenes for 1.5 years to get everything right. In terms of quality and presentation. As we want to ensure you get the highest-grade product We are a bit more on the expensive side. But as with anything, you get what you pay for.

We haven't cut any corners on anything to ensure you get the best products, only the best equipment and ingredients are used to produce our vials and tablets

Discount code: EROIDS20

Purity Pharmaceuticals


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The website leads nowhere, is this source still active?

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The source is up on a new domain, the domain registry unfortunately took down the old one.

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