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7-30 Business Days

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no minium order

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Mainstream Cryptocurrencies

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We Are Not Reseller, We Are Manufacturer.
We have complete control from production to shipping and do not involve any third parties.
Choose our official store and there are no intermediaries to make a profit from price differences. You will get our products at the most favorable prices. is the official store of meta pharma company.
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Meta Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company that specializes in the research and development, as well as production of steroid-based medications. It was founded in 2022. We are committed to the development and production of steroid-based medications for treating various diseases, including hormones and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Our research and development team consists of senior scientists and medical experts with years of clinical and research experience. Our research center is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, allowing us to conduct comprehensive research on drug design and other aspects.

Our manufacturing factory adopts the latest production equipment and technology to ensure the quality and reliability of our products. Our product manufacturing process strictly adheres to GMP standards, with a sound quality control system in place.

Our mission is to provide the best treatment options for global patients through innovation and science, helping them regain health and happiness. We will continue to invest in research and development, introducing new types of steroid-based medications and providing a better future for global patients.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you to promote the development of the industry.

Company WebSite:

Official Store:

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If I place an order will they come with labels?

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All the product I’ve gotten from them came with label. And I’ve gotten 3 orders so far and put in my forth today.

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I was so jacked to see this promo go live! I’ve been using Meta gear exclusively since February and have had nothing but excellent results so far. I’ve been using Sust, Mast-P (2 week kick start to Mast-E), Mast-E, Tren Hex, HGH & Nolva.

I’ve been running Metatropin for ~3 months now at 5 iu and the results are starting to become very noticeable. I know I’ve got a good GH when people- mainly females (wife’s friends, family members, colleagues, etc.) start asking me what skincare products I’m using when I’ve been on long enough to see noticeable skin tightening and “glow”.

I’ve got enough on hand to run 5 iu for another 9 months and just added another 6 months worth + added to my stash of Mast-E and Tren Hex.

When I find a reliable supplier with quality products and aggressive pricing I like to build up substantial stockpiles because we all know quickly things can go south in this game.

I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about about Meta thus far. I’m going to have bloodwork done to check my IGF in a few weeks and I expect to be impressed based on the results I’ve had thus far.

I’ve also been running Tren Hex for ~3 weeks at 300 mg/week and couldn’t be happier with the results I’m starting to see at that dosage.

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Another order in! Had to take advantage of that discount! Hoping it ships smoothly.

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Hey yall, just wondering if anyone’s used the BLEAN and if so what was your experience with it? I’ve never used a blend other than sust so I’d assume there’s pip(not too worried though, i have an abnormally high pain tolerance), but just wondering you guys think it’s worth it or if it’s better just to buy the compounds separately and go that route.

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Hey y'all, I'm having to cut my cycle at 8 weeks due to needing oral surgery which is a bummer but life happens

I will be leaving a review on the test, npp, DHB, Cialis, and tbol sometime tomorrow

Synopsis - products are great, wait time/ radio silence can be irritating, prices can't be beat

Would order again but significantly earlier than I need them

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I recently posted a review of Meta Clomid and Nolva on the review page with my current test level as well as pictures on my profile of before and after bloodwork results. Please check them out, if you had any doubts, my blood work confirms Meta clomid and nolva are legitimate.

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The Nolva is good shit. I’ve got pretty mild, pre-existing gyno from my early AAS use when I didn’t know how to properly manage estrogen so I like to run low dose Nolva in the Summer months to make it less noticeable. 20 mg/day took my nips from half dollars to dimes in a week lol.

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Thank you for posting, Miniature D.

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Your site says tbol is 10mg, but order received says 50mg per pill.
Is it 10mg or 50mg?


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10mg it’s a typo .


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Appreciate the heads up

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I’ve been on Meta’s Sust and Mast-E from the original promo since February and have absolutely no complaints. I started the Tren Hex I picked up on that order ~2 weeks ago and it’s starting to do its thing also. Strength really shooting up this week, my appetite is through the roof and I’m starting to get fucking acne on my back which is a “Tren Only” side for me personally.

Currently focusing on recomp running 375 mg Sust/600 mg Mast-E/ 300 mg Tren Hex weekly.

I’m currently at 6’3, 220lbs, ~18% body fat and hoping to get down in the 13%-14% range while maintaining scale weight.

Caloric intake is ~500/day deficit based on TDEE.

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@Badgoat1 edit your comment don’t list locations . .

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1 pack landed yesterday but won't be home till tomorrow to post TD pics surprisingly it was the second pack I ordered that landed first. Second should be here next week's tracker shows it's in Texas

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Do Your Own Research, Always!
We will not provide advice and planning to anyone, find a good doc and coach!

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Thank you for everything you’ve done for us customers !

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Damn, should have taken advantage of that last discount! Hopefully it’ll come around again!

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Ordered 4/39
status changed to shipped 5/36
Delivered 5/44
315 days total.
It went exactly as Metas FAQ says, order status won't change to shipped until it reaches the U.S even though it's moving from country to country. Once it reaches the U.S you'll have a priority tracking number. The tracking number won't update for the first 300-500 days as the package sits in customs JamaLamaDingDong. Once it passes customs it will update until it lands. My order took 300 days to land after leaving JamaLamaDingDong. If it doesn't pass customs he will reship.

I can't comment on quality but without someone posting bloodwork then words are just words. I know for me personally once I increase my test from 200mg to 400mg my e2 goes up, once I add in 262mg primo, my e2 goes down and the lean bulk is on. Champion feeling all day long, strength goes up, more veins, oily skin so i add 20mg accutane, Bp slightly increases so i add the supps, energetic buzz throughout the day as if I'm on 2 cups of coffee all day long, it's just a wonderful addition to test without needing an AI. If I expereince none of that, and my bloodwork still shows the same high e2 that the 400mg test causes then ill have my answer on bunk/real. I run this for 4 months as long as e2 shgb lipids blood pressure, hairline, and all the rest is within range then back on 200mg test for 2 months to give the body a break, then back on the primo 4 months again. 8 months primo total and then back on trt. Ive been able to make steady progress, keep the gains, not piss off the bloods. Everyone reacts different, hair can start to disappear at anytime, lipids can get worse anytime, but so far my bloods remain within range during the 8 months with clean diet, the typical supplements for bloodwork mitigation, fasted cardio, and being grateful. The temptation is real to double the primo and test or add in npp or add in anavar sublingual, but for now I'm just enjoying what works and looking forward to the rest of this marathon journey. I'm only on mile 3 and have 27 more to go! It's been so much fun learning and growing and I've got no reason to rush it. You veterans have been a wealth of information as well as vigourousteve and all the others. Stay healthy and never stop learning. --

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Come on man

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Way too much location info posted . . . @Greg

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so its been 6 weeks since I started using metapharma gear. lost 25 pounds, lost vascularity, acne cleared up, strength went down. sorry not sorry calling bunk.

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More details on what you’re running/dosage . . .

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so I was using nexus and I was dosing at 300, went great, finished my first cycle and dropped down to 200. after a couple of weeks I started to drop some weight, 25 pounds down, ive been low carb but for some reason ive only lost muscle cause I still have a good amount of fat on me after loosing 25 pounds on a low carb diet and doing cardio. idk this has never happened before not even when was natty. upped the dose to 300 last week, yesterday was my third pin at 150 per pin. idk. if I don't if by going to try you loose everything or what. idk all I know is that I feel completely normal. not enhanced at all. you tell me.

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You lost me at 300 . . . 300 what ?

Sorry too many things going on here .

You’re back on 300 ? But started a week ago ? It seems like you’re trying to achieve fat loss ? For sure get your diet dialed in before doing AAS .

Again , sorry too many things going on I don’t even know where to begin picking at first .

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Would have to agree with you there, far too many variables and too little information

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its simple. on feb one started taking test. 300 ml. I did 3 months, everything great! gained 45 pounds. awesome, I went off cycle and started art 200 ml, I switched test brands from nexus to metapharma, dropped to 200 ml, keep that for like 6 weeks and lost 25 pounds. dam wtf. diet is on point. idk maybe its because I dropped from 300 to 200 but what I feel its that after I switched brand I had a significant drop. if you are on trt you are supposed to maintain most of your mass andddd if lost 25 pounds with a low carbs diet it was supposed to lean me out but nooooo it was 25 pounds of mass. cause I am still holding a significant amount of fat after loosing 25 pounds. get it. basically for now I call the product bunk. if I don't feel anything in the next 2 weeks. then this brand is fake, or under dosed.

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basically I am natty again. even tho im pinning my ass with cooking oil.

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After 8-12 Weeks Of Using Test,
Androgen Sensitivity Will Go Down.
Low Dose Not Equal TRT!
Using Masteron Or Primo Between Cycle Instead! 6-8 Weeks!
Would Help Alot.
If Have a Sufficient Budget, Could Adding IGF-1 Or Gh,
If Not, Just Off Everything And PCT.

More by metapharma