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UK domestic 1 day, International 7-12 days, USA domestic re-ship

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Western Union, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin

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This is not a verified source.

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got it thanx

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so question to be on the safe side we can talk about this lab wheather it be good or bad since they aint verified.reason being ther old rep. the guy who pretty much ran everything was the shady one who posted up all that info.of people months back the actual owner of the company lieterally just found out as well as the rep. tried to black mail the owner and just all kinds of other stuoid shit.i actaually put in a nice size order with these guys as ive always had good luck with them.hopefully they get verified asap.

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There site has peoples personal info posted for the world to see. Pics, addys, phone numbers. Some even have the email and facebook of minor children, the sons and daughters of clients they had a disagreement with. I would stay away.

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here is the link, the daughters contact info is the first listed. I am all for holding a scammer accountable, however would you want your child punished for something you did? Eroids is about keeping each other safe and that is the only reason I posted here. There are quite a few people on their scammer list and if the child had not been brought into it I would not have posted here at all. But I have a daughter and this was just not right IMO.

I decided not to post the link because it would be in poor taste but if you read the info on their scammer list you will find it.

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That’s from 2015, no wonder I didn’t see it! That is a pretty over the top reaction to post all that information about his family to be fair!

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du hast

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Dude the lab they carry is reason enough for me too stay away lol my god do they have one product that meets label claims on anaboliclab.com I know thats not the definitive end all test but damn not one:-) posting that info is reckless, more likely one of those scum scammers will bring le attention there and tell on themselves haha

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To be fair, they put up contact details of those who have scammed them, ie received their goods and then done a charge back so they don’t pay for them.

If you’re not a scammer then you have nothing to fear surely?

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Bringing kids into it is fucked up period. No excuses. Only a low life piece of shit would do that

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Well I’ve gone back just over a year on the forum and found maybe 4 peoples details and no children’s details on there......

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To be fair I’ve never seen them do that but then I haven’t been on their board for a bit, if they have then that is f***ked up!

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I say the "Ban Hammer" should be enforced if this be a true fact ???

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That’s fucked up, very low of them

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Anyone tried there dbol 10mg or 50mg if so what's it like?

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strong ived ran both very successful I actually have 2 more bottles of each I still plan on running soon.

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Cheers bro, I assumed they would be good. I've used there test before however not there orals. Test was good so though they would be

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loving the medtech 25mg. var and npp eq.combo,nasty pumps off 3 tabs a day.

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Only for those people who have tried both and can talk about their direct experience.

MedTechSolution VS PharmaComLabs

Thanks in advance to who will contribute


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As I mentioned on the other si page, same applies here.

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more medtech gear inn tabs and oils,tren a.tren e. var.prop.eq.npp.mix.s.drol.halo,will be ordering more soon.

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Is this a domestic source to the USA?

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yeah they ship 2 usa.

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No, uk domestic mate

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Got a few Medtech items in, sustanon, tren a, lean gain and more, wish I could share pics but I can't. Great gear

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Thanx for the heads up

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