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Estimated T/A: 
Next day delivery U.K

Minimum Order: 

Payment Methods: 
Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Paypal to trusted customers

Please note

10% off BITCOIN orders

Number 1 supplier of PHARMAQO labs and CENZO-PHARMA
Prices wont be beaten


[email protected]

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Ordered and paid but no confirmation that it’s been accepted or will be completed… how do I get info on that?

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Any luck on your order? I’ve just ordered some but it just says ‘ on hold’

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Updated , it’s been completed already

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Now in stock all pharmaqo
Ment 50
Primo 175
Test water based
Eq-Test 500
Eq-Tren 400

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Wont be taking any orders between 15th and 19th of this month guys, any orders placed before the 15th will be shipped on the 15th

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What's the expiry date for "Bayer" Testoviron Depot ?
Contacted thru email & telegram - no reply.

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It says 1st of may 2026 on the boxes bro, i will check telegram now

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Order after order these guys consistently get my package to me within a week from payment to the US, the most reliable international source I have ever used! Every product has been spot on. Thank you for doing what you do.

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Donation dropped, liking the new pharma stuff and quick out the door.

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Pack landed and within time frame. Picked up some pharma Iranian test e and so far it feels great but to ssp to give full review which I will do..So far sense of well being and increased sex drive. More to come

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Ya I love this place, every product was legit and I have received every order within a week’s time to the US.

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Just received a cenzo pharma bottle of test enanthate from a promo whith these guys looking forward to seeing what it's like

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I have received my Promo from these guys!! Great stealth and care taken as well as a speedy delivery even with the bank holidays (: Have received 1 x Cenzo Pharma Test Prop.

Shall upload a photo with a few words shortly and work this into my current blast to get a review up ASAP

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Bayer testoviron and injectable MT2 now in stock

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Do the Testoviron come In Original packaging

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Parcel dropped, thanks mate. I’ll let the community know how the modafinil is shortly.

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Entire Cenzo-pharma range now available on the store

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Still sells benzos

Not going to play this cat and mouse game... source banned for 5 days next time he may no longer be a source.

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Again every other order been -- never anything negative has happened till now so I’m not putting the blame on anyone

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It’s sad man. Something should be implemented to ban sources like this if they don’t change.

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No products were found matching your selection.

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Zopiclone is still listed

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It’s under pharma grade

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