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Estimated T/A: 
5 days or less for a working tracking April 1st

Minimum Order: 

Payment Methods: 
Crypto, Cash app, and others

Please note



New email [email protected]

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Contact me via email posted above ONLY.

Jano Test from Oldest to Newest

6 Test done in August 21'


17 Tested done October 21'


24 Test done august 22'


Product line

Injectables Purified MCT Oil Only

Test Enanthate 300mg
Test Cypionate 200mg
Test cypionate 250mg
Testosterone 400mg
Testosterone Propionate 100mg
Testosterone Propionate 200mg
Sustanon 300mg
Sustanon Nandrolone Mix 350mg
Test Deca 350mg
Testosterone No Ester 100mg
Trenbolone Enanthate 250mg
Trenbolone Acetate 100mg
Trenbolone Acetate 200mg
Tren Base 75mg
DHB 150mg
TNE/Tren Base 100mg
Cut mix 150mg
Masterone propionate 100mg
Masterone Enanthate 200mg
Primobolan 150mg (Will be discontinued once 200mg is in)
Decadurabolin 300mg
Equipoise 300mg
Bulk Mix 500mg


Anavar 50mg
Anavar 25mg
Anavar 10mg
Winstrol 50mg
Winstrol 25mg
Winstrol 10mg
Anadrol 50mg
Anadrol 25mg
Dianabol 50mg
Dianabol 25mg
Superdrol 20mg
Turanibol 25mg
Pct Combo 75mg
Cialis 25mg
Viagra 100mg
Cockbombs 75mg
Aromison 12.5mg
Arimidex 1mg
Clomid 50mg
Nolvadex 20mg
Halotestine 10mg

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follow the directions on site to contact them, they'll keep you in the loop and get you taken care of. I had a small order just to try it out and he treated me like I was #1 custo. Haven't got blood back yet, but so far so good.

Egalkeb's picture

A week from payment confirmation to my doorstep and that includes a weekend and holiday. I see everyone is raving about the cockbombs, guess I am going to have to order some now.

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Sasquach07's picture

Lucky you, I’m at day 28 of waiting.

heatedshetland's picture

Day 12 here. Tracker hasn’t moved. Last time I ordered from this src was during that debacle last year. I wanted to give them another shot. We’ll see.

bryanxott's picture

I'm on day 14 of waiting.

Sasquach07's picture

In all fairness gents, this is probably around my 6th order with Tom and this is the only “issue” I’ve ever had. He’s basically a one man show, and shit happens. Give it some time and he always comes through.

heatedshetland's picture

Yes and, in all fairness, I only had one issue before this and he ended up making it right. So, that should be considered.

Verderzi's picture

Christ. Don’t think I’d be willin to wait that long

TerryTesosteverde's picture

That makes me feel a little better. My order has been stuck on label made in Shitopolis for SEVERAL days. This was my first order for anything like this, so I was probably just tripping. Website says it may not update but I’m just excited as fuck. Checking like I’m a kid waiting on Christmas. I get take home doses of test from clinic but obviously blasted through that way too soon. 2 days over my dose day, ready to get back in the zone. I’ve been hitting gym like nothings changed in mean time but I need my shit to get here lol

Greg's picture

READ THE RULES! Youve been told before and you acknowledged it.


Sasquach07's picture

Was getting ready to tag you. This dickheads already been warned.

Flex_09's picture

How long does it take for you guys to receive products? I thought since this was a domestic source it would be quick shipping.

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WamBam's picture

It be there 9-10 days no worries bros. Very good source!

bigstroll's picture

Mine took about 10 days from click to door

TerryTesosteverde's picture

Ordered some test cyp and shipped on Monday 00/32, best customer service ever so far and no doubt product will be good, but status on tracking has been stuck on label created. Stuck in Shitopolis. Starting to freak out a little about it showing up. Being bone dry on test isn’t helping probably.

BrainsNGainz's picture

Delete location and be patient

TerryTesosteverde's picture

Sorry, 1st go around, delete location? I’ve been checking through only tracking websites mentioned as recommended on site.

Tinman79's picture

How’s the Turanibol? Anyone on right now have any input on his? Looking to place my first order.

thahulk2014's picture

Anyone else running the dhb?

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bostonrick's picture

Cockbombs rule

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thahulk2014's picture

The DHB is smooth. 3 days in and very minimal pip.

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Rockiesguy623's picture

Hows thr DHB now I know it's too early to tell but the PIP? Thinking about placing an order soon.

thahulk2014's picture

2 weeks in and can start to already feel it building up. Strength and pumps. Pip is there but minimal.

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ibbanez's picture

I've got a question about your Cut Stack 150mg x 10ml. It says to start at .5 every other day. How long of a cycle would you say for something like this. At what point would you bump up the dosage? I've never ran any of these individual items yet, and not sure about this one as I'm still new and on my 1st Test E cycle, but just looking around, reading and thinking about future cycles is all. This will be later down the road more than likely, but I thought I would simply ask first.

wanted's picture

You ready to pin alot. You need alot of injecting spots

thahulk2014's picture

First pin 150mg of the dhb in quad. Went in smooth. Ill let everyone know that was wondering. Got the tne taste in my mouth ready to go hit the iron.

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DereksoFlo's picture

Any update on the pip situation for DHB? We’ve all heard the near-horror stories of its pip. I’m really hoping that’s not the case…

thahulk2014's picture

Minimal pip with the DC

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JohnHolmes1776's picture

How is everyone liking the DC var?

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