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Estimated T/A: 
EU-based: 8-21 days; US Domestic 5-7 days; International: up to 30-40 days. Free reshipping in case of seizures.

Minimum Order: 
No minimum

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Get Big or Die Trying!
Pharmacom has become a world-renowned pharmaceutical lab, providing the highest-grade anabolic steroids on the market. Everything we produce is tested in raw form prior to production and then again by independent analytical lab testing once the product has been produced. We do this to ensure our products are of high quality, warranting us longevity in the business and a loyal customer base.

Pharmacom, has now opened a store, giving the public direct access to all of its products right from the factory.
Purchasing direct now means a much lower cost than going through one of the many resellers of Pharmacom.
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We have currently following discounts in our store:
Life-time discounts from 5 to 15% - we provide them for competing athletes, militaries, also sometimes in different contests. In this month, by the way, we will provide 3 x even 20% discounts for 3 persons who place biggest orders within the promo currently running.

Loyalty discounts from 5% to 15%. You get them automatically:
5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders placed
15% after 10 orders placed.

This is valid for now, but soon, in autumn we are going to raise the limits:
5% after 5 orders placed
10% after 10 orders
15% after 15 orders

New limits will touch only new customers. If you already have this type of the discount, say 5% at least, it will not touch you. And you still will be able to get the 15% discount after 10 orders placed even if you do this after new limits come into force.

5% off for bitcoin payments.

Big order discounts - 5% for orders over 500$ (before shipping) and 10% for orders over 1000$. Free shipping for orders over 1000$.

You can use your personal link from the the Referrals section in your personal account to invite your friends or just new customers. You automatically get a reward to your balance - 5% from the total value of all of the orders ever placed by your referrals. No limits here. We have customers who get big orders monthly and does not pay for it at all.

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To Whom it may Concern,

I placed an order with warehouse 3 on 9/1. The order was placed, payment was made and payment was also confirmed on 9/1. Today is 9/15. I've been patient with this because I'd read of the issues the site was dealing with concerning some illnesses. I'm now out of patience. I've sent 2 e-mails and neither e-mail has gotten a response. My order, UH4E1499, is no longer listed on the Basicstero site. I'm guessing that it was deleted as orders that don't get paid for after a certain period of time are removed. As I said previously, my order has been paid for (Bitcoin). This is bullshit. While I understood there were going to be delays, the approximate wait time was not mentioned. I was prepared for a 3,4, maybe even a 7 day delay. It's now 2 weeks and counting. The reason I purchase from warehouse 3 is to receive my orders faster and without the worry of a customs' seizure (I had previously lost $650 on an overseas order when the original order and the reship were seized.). For this I pay a premium of roughly 75% above the cost of products coming from overseas. If you don't have the personnel to monitor the site or fulfill orders then why the fuck are you accepting orders and money? Either expedite my order or refund my funds so that I can place my order with another supplier. I've placed many orders with Basic over the years as I'm exclusively using Pharmacom products because I'm enamored with their quality. This experience has been especially poor because of the way Basic has mismanaged it.

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apparently some of their staff had gotten sick and were out of the warehouse for some time. this caused a backlog in their response time to emails. I placed an order today and havent gotten a confirmation email but im not worried about it. I know everything will go smoothly's picture

Hi there! The confirmation emails have already been fixed!

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Hey Basic please check your DMs, placed domestic order (< $1K) Oct 10th would love a response.

papa.smurf0311's picture

I have not received mine. However, I do have tracking and it in route to my box so its really not even a big deal.

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I haven't received a confirmation email for my last three orders now. I think something got broken in their automated email software or computer system because the last time I got an email was before summer.
My orders did arrive (I never doubted that) and tracking was available in my account on the Basicstero site.
But I had to manually go log in on Basicstero and look for everything -- no automated emails reached me.
To find order status and info etc. just log into your Basicstero account and click on the "My orders" up near the top on the page next to "payments." also, clicking the "payments" link up there let you submit all your payment info so the source can find the transfer. Now that I have it all figured out, I am ok without the emails.
However, I am still about to write to the source to let them know that I did not get an email again; and, mention your post here too so they can see that it is not just some issue on my end.

papa.smurf0311's picture

same here brother. I placed an order two days ago. My account on basicstero website says payment received and order processing so I know ill get my stuff. I do however prefer to get an email so I know for a fact that someone knows about my order with the company. I love basicstero and love their products but it puts me at ease when I get an email and when they communicate with me.

papa.smurf0311's picture

I just checked Basicstero website and mine says shipped with a tracking number so I have nothing bad to say about Basicstero. Im sure Ill see my package soon. Its understandable that mistakes happen and what not.'s picture

Did you know that you have to submit your payment through a special area into your dashboard? Well, just now I see that you haven't submitted your payment! Think about it, how will we know it was you who made the payment? We have multiple wallets - if you don't want to submit your payment - then you shouldn't post negative comments about us, please!
Anyway, it is now confirmed, it will be shipped in the next few days.

El Duderino's picture

Did you not read the part in my original post where I stated that I confirmed my payment the same day it was made? If that is an indication of your reading comprehension level it's no wonder that this order is a shit show. Additionally, I confirmed my order a second time a day or two later just in case there was an issue.

Fuck you very much with your "don't want to submit payment" bullshit. Why the fuck would I, someone who wants to receive their order ASAP, just refuse to submit my payment info and therefore delay my order indefinitely. The answer: there is no fucking rational answer because it doesn't make any sense for me to conduct myself in that manner and then bitch about you not shipping my order! If the issue was with me I wouldn't be on here or anywhere else saying jack, I 'd be sending you an e-mail apologizing for my stupidity!

The last reviewer of Basic on Eroids posted his negative review 5 days after placing his order and sending 6 or 7 e-mails. I patiently wait 14 days, during which time I sent 2 e-mails, neither of which were answered, before I come into this forum as a last ditch effort to try to get a response and I'm the asshole? Fuck you!

The only fucking reply you should be making to me should say that you're sorry, you dropped the ball on this order, you'll ship my order ASAP and you'll do better going forward. Instead I get accused of being at fault in this matter and told my order will be "shipped in the next few days". Really? Well fuck, don't put yourself out or anything. I wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced in any way....

RThoads's picture

Here is the link to the "Payments" ("Submit payment info" page on the site is listed under that heading):
A customer must be logged into their account to see it though and it shows up as an option at the top of the user's dashboard (next to the "my orders" and "referrals" links).

El Duderino's picture

Thank you for the support!

RThoads's picture

I think they are having some technical issue with their system because I just placed an order, and it was confirmed, but I did not receive any emails (usually I get an automated system confirmation email).
Also, I know they are having response delays, but see some others did not receive any emails or replies from customer service recently.
These guys are legit and not scammers; I've done business here for nearly a decade and always got my stuff (including reship when a pack was lost) so I know they are good -- I think there is just an issue with their email/communication system or software.
Try to PM the source here and I am sure he will take care of you brother.

El Duderino's picture

Thank you for the encouraging words! I'm well aware that payment needs to be confirmed and I did confirm my payment the same day it was made. I've placed a couple of dozen orders with Basic over the years so I know the protocol. I also confirmed my payment a second time day or two later just in case there was an issue. The fault lies with them, not me, in regard to this issue.

I'm not terribly concerned that I'll get scammed in this matter. Prior to this transaction they've always met their burden and I expect this time won't be any different. I'm just a bit fucking irritated that they've left me hanging like this. If they don't have the personnel to attend to the orders or reply to the e-mails then they should probably stop taking orders and accepting payment for said orders until they're caught up. This is a business transaction, even though it's illicit. Each party has a role in this transaction and I've met mine while they have thus far shirked theirs.

RThoads's picture

I think another guy in the last few pages also said a similar thing (that he did submit payment, it was confirmed, and the system dropped the order. At least the third or forth I've read about over the past couple weeks.

I'm going to write to the source tomorrow and explain that there may be a pattern -- it would be a bad situation if their computer system has an error and order status are not updating, then dropped for timing out without a payment confirmation update.
I hope that is not the case, but I'll give them a heads up to consider it just in case it is something that may be effecting many people if it is not addressed.

I think the source replied earlier and said they confirmed your order and it is scheduled to ship soon.
Is it all taken care of now? can you confirm it by checking if order status updated in your account?

El Duderino's picture

The order is again listed on my "orders" page and it's listed as processing, so yes, I'm back on track. Thank you very much for your help in this matter!

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Hey would be it possible to pm a basicstero rep here. I am having trouble getting in contact with them through there website. Love your products. Cheers!

Owes a Review × 1's picture

And what's your trouble? Your order is shipped, tracking number will be in the next few days.

Taten's picture

Thank you basicstero! I just saw that it was shipped. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Owes a Review × 1's picture

Hello! We don't see you addressing it here in private messages.

Taten's picture

It’s very strange, they confirmed that I sent the money, but when I go to the order it says they are still waiting for payment.

Owes a Review × 1
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Thanks will do…

dpnatty508's picture

Sent a friend request just waiting for your response then will send the video. Thanks for your help - Dan's picture

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When you enter a verification code on it, the site will show you about the presence of a fake, but that information is false - is the only link for the original verification! If you can not get to our original, you should clean and update your browser or try to go with another device! The domain of our original site “com” has never changed and remains the same, you can also find its placement on the product packaging. Be careful!

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Keep your eyes open everyone.

Gotta ensure you are getting the HIGH QUALITY you're expecting by going to the right place!

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