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Estimated T/A: 
EU-based: 8-21 days; US Domestic 5-7 days; International: up to 30-40 days. Free reshipping in case of seizures.

Minimum Order: 
No minimum

Payment Methods: 

Please note

Get Big or Die Trying!
Pharmacom has become a world-renowned pharmaceutical lab, providing the highest-grade anabolic steroids on the market. Everything we produce is tested in raw form prior to production and then again by independent analytical lab testing once the product has been produced. We do this to ensure our products are of high quality, warranting us longevity in the business and a loyal customer base.

Pharmacom, has now opened a store, giving the public direct access to all of its products right from the factory.
Purchasing direct now means a much lower cost than going through one of the many resellers of Pharmacom.
For more information please take a look at our website

Our website:


**Introduction & Sneak Peak Into Our Facility, Production Process video

We have currently following discounts in our store:
Life-time discounts from 5 to 15% - we provide them for competing athletes, militaries, also sometimes in different contests. In this month, by the way, we will provide 3 x even 20% discounts for 3 persons who place biggest orders within the promo currently running.

Loyalty discounts from 5% to 15%. You get them automatically:
5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders placed
15% after 10 orders placed.

This is valid for now, but soon, in autumn we are going to raise the limits:
5% after 5 orders placed
10% after 10 orders
15% after 15 orders

New limits will touch only new customers. If you already have this type of the discount, say 5% at least, it will not touch you. And you still will be able to get the 15% discount after 10 orders placed even if you do this after new limits come into force.

5% off for bitcoin payments.

Big order discounts - 5% for orders over 500$ (before shipping) and 10% for orders over 1000$. Free shipping for orders over 1000$.

You can use your personal link from the the Referrals section in your personal account to invite your friends or just new customers. You automatically get a reward to your balance - 5% from the total value of all of the orders ever placed by your referrals. No limits here. We have customers who get big orders monthly and does not pay for it at all.

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I pmed ifit ... He never reply pm :-)

I mean to give promo offer only to me even after expire cause situation my country ...

I am sory man , i am not english , sometime is not get through what i mean and is my fault

I always respect other member , i never talk bad anyone and i always help, i am sory i tried tell my situation through pm , i really did

I u derstand mistake , u can delete my posts here if u like , u do good job as mod , i respect that



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Gotcha. That makes more sense.

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Wouldnt it be nice if we could all put in special requests for promo dates. Lol

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My country in capital controls rusty , not my fault EU central bank and my goverment fuck up and i cant get my money from bank...

I asked to wait 2 week for me !! Not for promo .. I mean .. Give promo only to me even after 2 weeks cause of situation my country

I know the rules and i respect BFG , cause of him i came here , all my time here i never violated rules, so i am sorry



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I tried man ... He not reply pm .. Look si , i am not the only one say it .. U have a good night too

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Yes i am , i have win my country nationals 2 times my class and overal

But i only asked to wait for me , cause i want order in promo , and i cant send money abroad cause my country blocked in international transactions , be it MG , Wu, paypal or bank transfer

I know your are legit , that why i want order from u

I will hit u up soon , next 1-2 weeks i will be able use WU



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True story

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This source looks very interesting

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You guys got to be careful with the payment talk. That more of a pm or email thing

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Things are a bit more relaxed than they have been. not really sure where that rule stands these days but I understand why it is a rule. Just safer for everyone

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Haha. Sorry I can't copy and paste. "Freebies" get the fuck out. Sorry I didn't abbreviate that for you. Freebies. Freebies is your new name. Is your wrist or throat hurting first. Just let him know. Might get a freebie to help your neck or wrist.

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Bro twice. In less than a paragraph. It's kindda an open board so yes I did give you an opinion. And if I really wanted to I could keep going but I'm not going to. Bro Bro. Shuush.

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I think I've might of got your point. But not really. In any hoot take care. And try to not text so fast. Simmer down. And now go get a life? Seems you need to take a step back and slow the fuck down down you Jimmy on the spot mother Fer. Big baller slinging. That's smart. Wish I could be you and figure how that works and be really QUIET about it. Dumb fuck. Carry on.

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I love you more

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play nice, children

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Does basicstero mean Ventura in European?

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