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Estimated T/A: 
EU-based: 8-21 days; US Domestic 3-5 days; International: up to 30-40 days. Free reshipping in case of seizures.

Minimum Order: 
No minimum

Payment Methods: 
Bitcoin, Western Union & MoneyGram

Please note

Get Big or Die Trying!
Pharmacom has become a world-renowned pharmaceutical lab, providing the highest-grade anabolic steroids on the market. Everything we produce is tested in raw form prior to production and then again by independent analytical lab testing once the product has been produced. We do this to ensure our products are of high quality, warranting us longevity in the business and a loyal customer base.

Pharmacom, has now opened a store, giving the public direct access to all of its products right from the factory.
Purchasing direct now means a much lower cost than going through one of the many resellers of Pharmacom.
For more information please take a look at our website

Our website:


**Introduction & Sneak Peak Into Our Facility, Production Process video

We have currently following discounts in our store:
Life-time discounts from 5 to 15% - we provide them for competing athletes, militaries, also sometimes in different contests. In this month, by the way, we will provide 3 x even 20% discounts for 3 persons who place biggest orders within the promo currently running.

Loyalty discounts from 5% to 15%. You get them automatically:
5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders placed
15% after 10 orders placed.

This is valid for now, but soon, in autumn we are going to raise the limits:
5% after 5 orders placed
10% after 10 orders
15% after 15 orders

New limits will touch only new customers. If you already have this type of the discount, say 5% at least, it will not touch you. And you still will be able to get the 15% discount after 10 orders placed even if you do this after new limits come into force.

5% off for bitcoin payments.

Big order discounts - 5% for orders over 500$ (before shipping) and 10% for orders over 1000$. Free shipping for orders over 1000$.

You can use your personal link from the the Referrals section in your personal account to invite your friends or just new customers. You automatically get a reward to your balance - 5% from the total value of all of the orders ever placed by your referrals. No limits here. We have customers who get big orders monthly and does not pay for it at all.

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Is the website down? I placed an order and just wondering if I’ll still receive an email when shipped? Thanks ----'s picture

It was down for a while. It i running now. We are still under a massive attack.

BostonStock's picture

Thanks for the update! Appreciate the quick response with everything you’re probably dealing with! Ty

Pcushion's picture

Yeah site is down currently. I have always received emails, with the exception of the local warehouse. It doesn’t generate for some reason.

BostonStock's picture

So should I just expect it in the mail within a week or so?

BostonStock's picture

Thanks brother !!

Bill1976's picture

How long from WH2 and siezure rate. I got one on the way. How's picture

Depends of destination. Now it tales in average 30-40 days. Seizure rate depends on destination again. If shipped not discreetly about 10% could probably be seized. Discreet shipping can be selected during the ordering process.

Pcushion's picture

I am seeing 2-3 months on various boards.

Bill1976's picture

Thanks P. I’m ready to start my new cycle next month so that will hit hopefully on time

Djorrain's picture

Hey guys anyone know if their email are still not working sended them a question just to know.
Thanks guys's picture

It is working. Don`t forget to check your spam folder.

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Hi. For the orals… is one order 50 pills or 100? I forget and the new site does not specify.

RThoads's picture

It depends on the products. Some are a 100ct box (two 50ct blisters) and some products are sold as a 50ct blister strip.
I cannot get in the site to check now, but it used to list it is the product description. Try to click on a product to enter into the detailed description about the specific product and see if you can find the details. I tried but can't get on the source's site right now to confirm (maybe it is down).

PukeStack's picture

That is what I thought was the case as well. That it depends. I checked the description first. It just has the mg per tab now. Not the count. So i could not remember which ones come in 50 and which are 100. Looking to buy some tbol and dbol

RThoads's picture

I was able to logon to the site just now.

Hopefully this may help you:

I clicked on "Oral" to bring up all the orals as shown in this screenshot:

Then, next to the name of the product I see some listed as "price for one blister, 50 pills" as I circled in this screenshot:

But other items, such as the dbol and tbol do not state that in the product title so I assume those come as a 100 ct box:

but you're right, I do not see it under the detailed description anymore.

In the past, it was always 100ct unless listed otherwise so I assume that is still the case but I do not know for sure (I have not picked up any of these i a while); hopefully Frank will see this and can clarify with certainty.

PukeStack's picture

Thanks a lot!

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I have sent multiple emails with no response's picture

contacted you's picture

Warehouse 1 was partly restocked.'s picture

So, I contacted all customers who posted here lately. If someone else does not get replies from us through the contacts page on site, please send me a private message here providing the email address, which you indicated when you tried to contact us. I will check, whether we received any messages from you. Right now it looks like not all emails arrive.

modusoperandi's picture

Having issues with payment possible hand? Just read the email issue.

DECAhead's picture

I've also sent several messages via the contact page and no response? Is there something wrong with the contact us section?'s picture

We do not discuss payments here. It is against rules. I will contact you.

DECAhead's picture

I sent my money via western union and verified that it was picked up but it says my payment is still being checked?

Idkwid's picture

If I use western union how long will it take to clear and ship

Pcushion's picture

Can’t discuss payment stuff in open.

DECAhead's picture

Got it's picture

Folks I wanted to check how our email is working. Some customers complain they do not get replies from us. Right now we have 0 unanswered emails. If someone is trying to contact us and does do not get a reply leave a comment under this post. I will contact you.

DECAhead's picture

Im trying to contact you on the email and it doesn't appear to be working

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