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EU-based: 8-21 days; US Domestic 5-7 days; International: up to 30-40 days. Free reshipping in case of seizures.

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No minimum

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Please note

Get Big or Die Trying!
Pharmacom has become a world-renowned pharmaceutical lab, providing the highest-grade anabolic steroids on the market. Everything we produce is tested in raw form prior to production and then again by independent analytical lab testing once the product has been produced. We do this to ensure our products are of high quality, warranting us longevity in the business and a loyal customer base.

Pharmacom, has now opened a store, giving the public direct access to all of its products right from the factory.
Purchasing direct now means a much lower cost than going through one of the many resellers of Pharmacom.
For more information please take a look at our website

Our website:


**Introduction & Sneak Peak Into Our Facility, Production Process video

We have currently following discounts in our store:
Life-time discounts from 5 to 15% - we provide them for competing athletes, militaries, also sometimes in different contests. In this month, by the way, we will provide 3 x even 20% discounts for 3 persons who place biggest orders within the promo currently running.

Loyalty discounts from 5% to 15%. You get them automatically:
5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders placed
15% after 10 orders placed.

This is valid for now, but soon, in autumn we are going to raise the limits:
5% after 5 orders placed
10% after 10 orders
15% after 15 orders

New limits will touch only new customers. If you already have this type of the discount, say 5% at least, it will not touch you. And you still will be able to get the 15% discount after 10 orders placed even if you do this after new limits come into force.

5% off for bitcoin payments.

Big order discounts - 5% for orders over 500$ (before shipping) and 10% for orders over 1000$. Free shipping for orders over 1000$.

You can use your personal link from the the Referrals section in your personal account to invite your friends or just new customers. You automatically get a reward to your balance - 5% from the total value of all of the orders ever placed by your referrals. No limits here. We have customers who get big orders monthly and does not pay for it at all.'s picture

Basicstero is considering the next round of 3rd-party analytic testing.

Please post a reply here to let me know some of the Pharmacom Labs products you're interested in seeing tested.

We already have some suggestions, such as PHARMA BOL 100 (injectable methandienone in oil) and TIROS (T3).

We're looking for some more ideas to see what some of the most popular products are to test.
Preference will be for extremely popular products (such as testosterone) and something that was not included in the previous round of testing earlier this year (if it was just tested earlier this year, there is not much point in repeating it already unless it is exceptionally popular). 

Thank you.

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Please can you also include the Batch number from which the sample was taken mate Smile

Primo_Build's picture

Test 500

In a promo × 1's picture

Got it!

Primo_Build's picture

Heck yeah. Thanks Frank

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And also good news!
We have a little bit restocked the US warehouse with your all-time favorite products Test E 300, Test C 250 and Oxandrolonos.

Hurry up and purchase before it ends again!))'s picture

Dear customers!
We had a manufacturing defect with the product Pharma Test 100 ( water suspension). The defective batch was disposed of, but partially some quantity from this batch was in our warehouses and could get into the hands of our customers! Very important! If you have a product Pharma Test 100 ( water suspension) on hand and you notice some problems with it, for example, you can not draw the substance into the syringe - be sure to inform us and we will replace the product for you! This applies specifically to products in vials!

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When will MELTOS be replenished's picture

Meltos is not currently produced at our factory.
I can't tell you when it'll be back in stock.

gogo90809's picture

Have you checked your T3 concentration analysis recently?
last time I got the T3 but I got a bad blood test result.'s picture

Hello! maybe we'll test it soon! Wait for it!

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Very much looking forward to it's picture

It's finally happening!

Our PRO Athlete Zahir Khudayarov could squat 500KG without any problems from the first time!!!! It happened at the RiminiWellness show held in early June, where our brand was one of the general sponsors!
We are very happy with this result, because Pharmacom is the best of the best! Our PRO team takes only the first places and gives such incredible records in strength sports! We are always ready to cooperate with any PRO athletes from all over the world!

Check his Instagram and look for this awesome monster!

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I've seen this guy many times online in Youtube videos!! Whatever happened to that really strong Raw Bench Presser you use to sponsor - He weighed around 180lb's and was hitting about 550?'s picture

Hi! I can't remember who you're talking about now, can you remind me of his name?

press1's picture

I have just been trying to find him Lol I am sure he use to be listed on your website as a sponsored athlete but may of been removed now, this was about 5 years ago last time I saw him. I am sure he was Russian and quite short around 5'4?

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Anyone have any recent experience with PCOM test 500? It usually gives me pretty good pip, which I manage well. And this time, literally nothing. They sent me vials in their "stealth" form, so I could not check the codes to verify it was legit. Will be pulling bloods this month to determine for sure, but curious to know if anyone else may have had recent similar experiences?

In a promo × 1
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Missing Mail Search Request Initiated, Missing Mail Search Request ID MRC 24 1823 8937

May 4, 2024, 1:54 am

In Transit to Next Facility

April 28, 2024. This would have been my first order with this company... Feels like a game --

CHUCK88's picture

The pack has landed... Took a little while but it arrived I recommend shopping here

RThoads's picture

Nice. that is always good to hear.'s picture

Dear customers,
If the Wampum transfer fee is too high for you, you can use Ducats instead. This payment method has a much lower fee.
Good luck with your purchases!

Trevor Murdock's picture

ordered on the 38 april , and my order is still stucked at Arm&Hammersince the 43 april, man takes too much long to be honest ZIPPY Takes max 2 weeks to get the stuff

RThoads's picture

Did you any new updates yet? has it moved?

Trevor Murdock's picture

i finaly got on may 16 my Dianbolos that i ordered on april 11 but , the other order is oxymetholone and was ordered on april the 5, and still stuck at customs at post NL , man kinda get nervous if it ever arrive ? Don t know what to do ??
btw i would not recommand to order from ZPHC cause i ordered oxymetholone as well shipping is fast like 10-14 days but that dude sended me oxandrolone , he replied oxymetholone was not in stock and send me instead anavar , i replided dude those are 2 different compounds man they are a joke ZPHC

Trevor Murdock's picture

unfortunatly still stucked hmm

RThoads's picture

I wonder what is the problem with Netherlands postal service. I see other post about it and say even local people there think poorly of the service. It sounds like it is not very well organized. Maybe there is some corruption in the system.

Trevor Murdock's picture

here i got this message from them , btw bro 40-50 days it can take is kinda a joke unreal check the mail
30.04.2024 16:43
We assure you that you should not worry at this time, as your order is not considered to be stuck. Below we will briefly tell you why we are more than sure about this! The important thing is that you placed your order from warehouse 1. Your order from warehouse 1 are packed in Xanadu and first shipped to the North pole via Post Rasin Bran. And from there, the order starts on its way to its final destination. With this way, the tracking number does not show Xanadu as the country of departure, and in some cases this plays a significant role. But also for a safer shipping, we highly recommend choosing options with discreet shipping and with the option to use the original soggy packaging, sending branded cattle separately. There is also an unpleasant element to this method, which is the long delivery time. Shipping from Xanadu to the North pole takes about 200 days and about the same number of days more from the North pole to the final destination. The total delivery time usually takes 40-50 days, but at this point any cattle shipments are slow. Please, we ask you to wait. The tracking number will be updated on your side as soon as the order reaches the North pole and crosses the border of the recipient country. Anyway, you can start checking the tracking number at this site fully displays the detailed content of all available psychic results for each country.'s picture

Hi! If your order is stuck at customs, please contact our customer support - our staff will help you and if we realize that the order is seized, we will reship it!

Andrzej44's picture

I ordered a parcel from another source and it also goes through PostNL Netherlands and since April 2 it hasn't moved anywhere. or something is wrong with this Dutch post office now or they just steal parcels there and don't leave the post office anymore Previously, I remember that everything was going well thanks to PostNL

Trevor Murdock's picture

yes , i mean it stopped there the 13 april and i mean come one why it is not moving anymore, very weird, then i will need to stick with ZPHC products, the only thing what i dont like about ZPHC i ordered like example Dianabol at there site i chose Spectrum Pharma and it was not in stock and they send me ZPHC they dont asked me if it was ok they kinda go there way just to send as fast as possible i said to John , can you ask me if it is okay for me next time, but i got always there products like max in 2 weeks but here im hitting almost a month and it is stucked at the PostNL , so far disappointed man, i start to ask if it will ever arrive

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