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Estimated T/A: 
7 Days

Minimum Order: 
No minimum for Bitcoin ($100 to use coupon code), $200 for moneygram, $300 for western union

Payment Methods: 
Bitcoin, Moneygram, Western Union

Please note

Bitcoin orders, use coupon code BITCOIN10 on orders over $100 to receive 10% off when no other promotions are active



[email protected]

Injectables in MCT Oil

Test E 300
Test E 400
Test E 500
Test C 250
Sustanon 250
Test P 100
Tren A 100
Tren A 200
Tren E 250
Tren E 400
EQ 300
EQ 600
Deca 300
Mast P 100
Mast E 250
Npp 100
Npp 200
Test U 300 - Castor Oil
TNE 100
Winstrol Inject 100 (water based)
Primo E 200

Orals/Tablets 30 count

Anavar 50mg
Anavar 20mg (Lady Var)
Dianabol 50mg
Anadrol 50mg
Turinabol 25mg
Superdrol 20mg
Halo 10mg
Winstrol 50mg
Aromasin 12.5mg
Cialis 20mg
Viagra 25mg
Proviron 25mg

**42 Count:**

Nolvadex 20mg
Clomid 50mg

HCG 5,000iu no label, no water
HGH 100iu (gold top somatotropin)

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Got to get an order in over here, it's been a minute, been cruising for a while now. Gear is always superb

AA- check out Astray - give me five more minutes. Old skool flow dude got skillz for a white boy

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Order landed in 4 days. I’ll post pictures later

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Looking for feedback on AA’s BPC-157. I’ve used AA for over a year now and everything I’ve used has been as good or better than anyone else’s I’ve tried. But if you’ve used his BPC-157 could you give me your opinion. Thanks in advance.

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Damn order took almost 3 days to arrive from order to door step. Love the cialis and break up into 4 pieces and do low daily dose.

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Just placed a small order myself. His TA is crazy fast.

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When are you coming back and available to order again-- I’m almost at my 2 week mark w my gear I need a re up pappi Armani --

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We plan to open tomorrow at midnight. The intention is to only be closed for orders on Thursdays. There’s just a bit of a learning curve with the website calendar and time zones. My apologies for the inconvenience

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Guy supplies half the eroids community consistently with the best gear on the site and apologizes to us lol we don’t deserve you homie

1ronhead4752's picture

Dude, never apologize for taking a mental health day once a week lol you deserve a break too. I kinda sound like a douche reading my comment back to myself now Smile lol glad you’re back though

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Asshole get it together no one cares about the website calendar and time zones. Now did you ship my order? Going on day 2 since I ordered

Jp of course. Good for you dude deserve some time off hope you can enjoy it. I’ll post TD pics of the eagle when it lands. May have to try the T400 I have coming

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lol it sounds like James Bond for some reason when you say it.

Hope that 400 doesn’t sting those sexy quads too much. You’ll have to let me know how that goes.

The good news is, with all this downtime, winny inject is back in stock. So there’s that :-)

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Heyyyy good deal. Is it the water based?

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Well I took the time to read above and see it is water based lol. Anyone have much feedback on using water base injectable compared to oral version?

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Much/any difference black tops, gold tops? Golds out so about to order blacks. Been about a year since I ran HGH from AA. Usually a light weight, TRT, little deca or anavar kicker here and there.

Was needed last year and AA’a HGH was a huge need more than luxury. A fall destroyed my ankle broke/dislocated (brutal thought they might amputate). Anyways ran this 2 back to back rounds. Surgeon was shocked in follow up. Usually wouldn’t let patients put weight on similar ankle events until 12 weeks and allowed me to do 50% body weight at 6 weeks (LOL I couldn’t do that much but fact he trusted it, given healing progressed that much beyond average, had to be a good/huge bit to healing and regeneration properties or HGH. Back issues got me looking for similar help.

Customer service and product top notch. Thanks again AA.

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I can tell you that armani has extremely potent gear! The Anadrol is so fucking strong and I believe overdosed. I ran out of Armani anadrol and have seen taking another source's on here I have on hand and it's not even comparable. I wish I had more. And Armani TNE is fucking amazing. I always have it on hand. I'm on my last bottle and need more soon. The shitty part is I don't think I'm gonna be able to get any anytime soon due to some bills.

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Anyone tried the Semaglutide?

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I tried the sema and a few other products and seemed to be off I don’t wanna make any 100% claims as I didn’t wanna waste more money testing the products but seemed very underwhelming with the sema, tren, cialis that I ordered and this past month after getting sema from a trusted place it’s night and day difference in my appetite already, I feel the slight effects I felt before were just placebo or very underdosed, now I really have no appetite and added tren and cialis from my previous place that was out of stock and pumps and tren sides hit like a brick so yeah man I’m not sure about this place which is definitely unfortunate because seems solid but I think I got duped.. but didn’t wanna make review without testing myself. Good luck

terciobold's picture

Well i have not tried the sema but i can prove through bloods(past and present) that his Tren is some of the strongest around..I used to run 1g of Tren in my younger days,and had to back off AA's Tren at only 400mg weekly..His cialis is definitely on point,i use it sublingual,but ran out and grabbed AA's...Not doubting but i cant imagine anything from this dude is even dosed slightly off bro..I refuse to order from anyone else

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I don’t know where you’re from or why you keep doing this, but everything you say is absolutely false and ridiculous. You need a hobby

Littleginger's picture

Wowsers the newbies and trolls are going hard on here lol. For what it’s worth I love all your products and actually have bloodwork to support that.

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lol yer tellin me! I don’t think these douche bags realize that I also use the same product and there’s no question about the quality. They’re dumb.
Thanks for the input, brother

Littleginger's picture

I have so much clout you should thank me for my input lol. Jp of course you’re welcome though.

May not be worth much but I can’t not say something considering I just had bloodwork ran less than month ago and have several other rounds and all great.

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I have a question I just ordered 2 250mg of test c and asking this page if it is a scam and should I expect to get what I bought? Pls respond -- my order number is #8675309

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Goodness gracious. I’m getting too old for this. We’re the best in the business

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Sorry I'm just sceptical but thank you for the clairaty also my fucking girlfriend cheated on me today I found out I'm just ready to juice and hit the gym

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Trust me man I truly wish I didn’t have the outcome I did with your products, like I said not making 100% claims that’s it’s bunk but definitely seems off from my first and only order I placed with you and as soon as adding restocked products from another place that I’ve tested in the past the results and effects were taking place. Not gonna waste more time and money on the gear but I have no reason to cause a problem, just being honest and letting him know to be careful based off my experience because I hate wasting hundreds of dollars.. and I have plenty of hobbies, this is one of them, browsing the forums and putting honest input in when I see put.. take care and and I truly hope you’re right and you have great products but unfortunately for me that didn’t seem like the case..

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Sure, I’ll trust someone that’s telling nothing but lies.

What’s your order number?

Rg23's picture

Order #8675-309
No reason to lie my man I’m just giving my honest opinion not making any claims that’s it’s bunk just saying it didn’t hit like it should, was on cycle with the same products from another supplier that I know is legit (test and tren, aromasin, cialis) ordered from you since sema was sold out elsewhere and when I added your stuff in everything felt off and pumps were gone, the veins I get from being on tren, the tren aggression, the cialis pumps and sensitivity downstairs all gone or very underwhelming from what I was running before(same dose) after running out of what I had from you and added in the prior sources stuff and restocked sema everything started back to normal and the sema kicked in right away as well like I was expecting yours to do… like I said this was my way of verifying to myself that something is ether underdosed or completely off, but not gonna make review saying such unless I tested it which is definitely not happening I already spent 200 with you so I’ll chalk it up as a loss and move on. You don’t need to believe me that’s fine but like I said I don’t want the gear to be bad I don’t wanna come here and cause problems.. but I’m also not gonna be duped and turn a blind eye to me wasting my money and stress over some products that I shouldn’t have to worry about.. take care man I’m not out here looking for free gear or to get over on ya I’ve already chalked it up as a loss so take it as you will just giving everyone my experience and I apologize it makes you upset if you truly believe in your product that’s good but I suppose for me it just was a bad batch or maybe since I was a new order I got my head busted for not being loyal(selective scamming) who knows but I’m not gonna sit here and tell everyone that it was good when it wasn’t for me personally..

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You must be doing something wrong if you actually used our product and think you’re telling the truth

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