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3-31 once shipped

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Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoin, MoneyGram, Zelle, PayPal

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In case of issues regarding placement of orders through our website, please contact ugfreak directly through PM.

Hi and welcome to UGFREAK!

We finally took the next step and came to eroids, however can see some of our UGFREAK Family memebers have already made sure to speak UGFREAK, our T/A, Para Pharma gear and so on. Appreciate it fam!

We're glad to be here and we thank everyone who supported us, for your support.

Thanks for stopping by. If our website is not answering enough questions, get at me here and I'll get back to you guys.

Yours sincerely,

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Anyone have any experience with Paratropin ?

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I've used it mate and it felt like very good HGH for the relatively low price of it. I have pals who always bought the expensive Pharmagrade stuff previously who now always use Paratropin after they tried it so it must do the trick as I've never used Growth long term like they do.

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Over a week down on pp superdrol 10 MG 2wice daily am and preworkout and sweat and strength increase insane so far .

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I just finished 4 weeks on it, started at 10mg for around 10 days and then eventually increased to 20, 30mg. I must say the strength increase has been really impressive. I have manage to get some of my lifts back to pre-covid levels and I was able to loose fat at a rapid rate. Made my muscle swell up within a week.

Was hoping to run for another week but the sides became too much after week 3 @30mg (BP, cholesterol, headaches and lethargy).Combined with TUDCA at 1.8g. first 3 weeks were pretty much zero sides. I think in future I will stick to 20 mg.

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Awesome bro! Thanks for sharing. Keep enjoying!

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Made my order a few weeks ago, everything is professional all the way up to customer service. Currently on his Sustanon 350, Proviron, Anavar and Superdrol in a few weeks. Will be giving an honest review once I finish the 12 week cycle.

UGFREAK is where it's at!! Smile

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Awesome brother! Thanks for sharing here. Looking forward to it for sure. Thanks for the support and praise!

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Sent a pm about bulk order info.

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That's fine. It'll be replied now.

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Jumping Onboard the UG Train can't wait to leave a detailed review. Friend request sent UG

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Happy to have you on board buddy! Welcome to UGFREAK. We look forward to more.

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Touch down. Just received sustanon 350 and some winny. This will be my first time using UGFreaks and para pharma products but I’ve heard nothing but good things.
UGFREAK has been great with communicating from start to finish.
I will leave a leave a review once I complete each product. I’ll be starting me cycle in 3 weeks once I get my bloodwork done and everything looks good to go. Thanks UGFreak

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Awesome brother! Thanks for sharing here. We're sure you'll be amazed by PP and we're glad you've enjoyed our services thus far. Happy to read Smile with such a nice post, we look forward to your review in due time! Our pleasure. Enjoy!

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Got a bunch of PP TestE I ordered from a long while ago, (1 year ago or so) Batch# LRXG215. It’s got a yellowish color and the fatty vials. Just curious on that batch.

Anyone have bloods on that batch? Got some more PP TestE from UG just this week, skinny taller, clear oil!

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Hi buddy, Para Pharma has both type of bottles. They have mentioned that on their website as well. Also the oil color can differ, even in same batch. It's nothing unusual and also mentioned on their site. You're good!

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Don't forget our newest promo. Another 50% off ENTIRE store (except for US dom) and even bulk! Giveaway up to $300.

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We've sent SO MANY PROMOS to users since we arrived. Feedback is to be made within 6 months or they expire, but the amount of feedback vs amount of promos sent out is nowhere near the same. We hope more users will show gratitude and make some feedback.

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Sounds like you have more names to add to the list.

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Added MANY already. Many of them disappeared from eroids, some aren't accepted to be added. Been adding for years.

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Good. Hopefully sources will pay attention to that list.

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Man this aromasin is on point for sure freak

Owes a Review × 3
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Awesome brother. Glad to know you're enjoying it!

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Another successful order thanks Ugfreak

Owes a Review × 1
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Awesome bro! Thanks for sharing.

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Do you guys carry caber for domestic?

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Sorry, missed this one. Not sure where you live, so can't tell you if it's domestic. But we do have domestic for some locations. INTL for others.

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Great to see UGF pumping out new products. Being suspension I’m guessing it’s water based but to save any confusion can you confirm this Freak?

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Hey brother, sorry for missing this one! Yes it is water based, you are correct.

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Top customer service, postal company said they called to my house and they did not as I was in waiting for it to be delivered. Company Left no slip. They returned the package to sender straight away the following morning.
No fault of UGG postal company fucked up.. 10 bottles of Bold 300 & 2 Primo 100.. Ugg Offered reship straight away.
Ugg sent me 10 bottles of Bold last week by error so I will call it quits and not take the reship. . Always go above beyond and very responsive when chatting..

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Thank you very much for your post and your kind praise brother. Happy to offer you our service and read your feedback. You are a great customer!

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