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Regular Shipping: Worldwide 7-31, US Domestic 1 Express: 2-5, US Domestic 2: 15-20, EU Domestic 4-21; Courier Shipping: 2-5 days

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No Minimum Order

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Bitcoin, Zelle, Western Union, MoneyGram, Wire Transfer

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Hey RB I just gave you a review I owed you for quite some time. Before I was a member of Eroids. Thank you sir

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This source is buying fake reviews from whores with store credit.

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Military Pharma prices are insane! Anavar 24$, Halo 24$ and Primo150 26$?? Does anyone tried this brand ? Any feedback?

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I have never signed for a package but be advised I was informed this suppliers parcels are "all" sent out signature required and it is "up to the postal worker" if they leave it in mail box or ask for signature. Mine, not to my name, was not signed for and doesn't appear will be resolved. Oh well, just and FYI if you are not expecting to sign and maybe my mistake but in my almost 2 decades of doing this have never signed and will not order if it is stated it is required.

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Purchased 10 vials of generic HCG 5000iu. Following a 500iu shot im getting giant welts and redness. Ive used at least 5 brands of hcg and many many vials in total never had this reaction. Anyone have some advice?

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I got my package sized on my last order I also went through the steps in notifying RB and they resent the package which was great. I always order international but this time around I placed an order under domestic and I haven't sent the money yet. I have a ticket I sent with a message that hasent been answered and it's been over a week. I've ordered domestic but the receiving party is in turkey is this typical I just want to make shure my package isn't coming over seas don't want to get any more letters from customs warning me about my packages that's all.

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Touchdown. First package was seized by customs which is a first for me. Told RB and they gave me the option to reorder over sea or domestic. Of course originally I chose overseas because price. But this time I ordered domestic with the REFUND and got package in about a week. You can't get better customer service and support anywhere. Thx again RB, you guys kick ass!!!

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So I got a letter stating my package had been seized customs. I took a picture of the letter sent it to RB and they gave me the option to reship or restore balance in order domestic. I've decided to order domestic but my point is they restored my balance within days of me showing the seizure slip. Hats off to this company. They stand by their products and they come through anytime I've had an issue which is always been little but they went above and beyond with this so you have a customer for life with me. Thanks RB

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Glad to hear it all worked out my man. Like I told you when I had an issue, RB resolved it asap. Now in order for him to have done that I needed proof and like you I had that proof. Good job @Roidbazaar

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Customs sent me a notification that my package from RB was confiscated. I've been ordering for many years and this has never happened. Anyone have theis same happen? If so how was it resolved. Thx

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Curious what's the average time spent in NY customs lately. Order made it hear from turkey in like 6 days which was fast af. Now customs 7 days and counting. Nothing new just wonder what others have had to wait before it leaves customs. Thx

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Is anyone else having trouble with this source lately? I placed an order almost 3 weeks ago funds were just now received 2 days ago. I’ve been trying to communicate with very little help through out the process. I am now trying to get my money back with no response. I’m really upset because I’ve been seeing responses from the source on this board to other members. Wtf man. I’ve never had issues with This company before.

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Ordered on Tuesday, June 28th, received on July 6th. I will report back in a few weeks after I get blood work done. Thank you, Roidbazaar for your incredible promptness, even over the American July 4th holiday.

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Thank you Bro!

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Can I get a response?

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I just ordered 2 months ago and everything went as usual. I got my order within 3 weeks of placing my order. And they’re always quick to reply when I write a ticket. Not sure why things are going so slow for you.

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Anyone else having problems trying to write a review? The “Price to performance” field is not showing up but is mandatory. Trying to write it on an iphone, both using google chrome and safari but no luck.

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'Price to Performance' is not an actual field that shows up when writing a review, it is purely a star rating that I think goes off product quality? It goes off one of the ones you fill in anyhow so do not worry about it - Just fill in all the boxes and ratings it brings up Smile

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I’m blind…. Disregard

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pm source for payments...check rules Smile

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Anyone tried Shield Pharma Test? Is it legit?

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Thanks so much RB.
That was fast bro

Owes a Review × 3
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Thank you!

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Hi friend, you have no more mactropin products?

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Any feedback on their modafinil?

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Any feedback on Intex?

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How much Anavar do most you guys take? I’m doing 50mg with 20mg at lunch time around 1:00pm, then 30mg at 5:00pm. I go to gym at 6:00pm where I do 1 mile cardio first then one body part a day for 6 days a week.

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