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Estimated T/A: 
UK: 2-3 Days - EU : 5-8 Days Regular Mail Only for all orders!

Minimum Order: 

Payment Methods: 
BTC/Monero - UK Bank Transfer

Please note

Please follow instructions in email confirmation that you will receive after placing order
UK/EU Bank Transfer Minimum : £50/£100
Website: www.pctmeds.net
Enquiries: [email protected]

HI eroids family!
UK based PCT meds source new here on eroids, take a look at our website and email us if you have any questions .

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Are you shipping as usual for UK domestic?

As the Royal Mail are a bit slow at the moment due to the strike.

What is the ETA for UK domestic orders right now?

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Arrived! Amazing service and amazing guys. 2 days door to door! Just need to work out how to leave a full review now!

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Hi there, just messaged regarding a Epo order, hope to speak soon, site looks great

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Thanks brother , accepted a friend request if that was from you? email us : [email protected]

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**Public Holidays for the next 3 days , also Pain management meds now in stock **

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Pharma TEST CYP back in stock

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**Sopharma Clenbuterol and Tiromel T3 back in stock **

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***BACK TO WORK NOW **** T3 , Pharma Oxy , Pharma Clen coming in 2 weeks time

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**NOTE : We will be on Vacation Mode from 10th May - 20th May 2022 **
All Orders are up to date as of today , Thanks to all that took part in promo , please remember to leave reviews and vote.

Love x

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promo updated with more freebies!! check out our promo!

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Humalog Insulin pens now in stock , any other meds you would like us to source email us your requirements ,we aim to provide UK / EU customers with all their needs


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Welcome to eroids

Owes a Review × 3
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Thanks brother , very much appreciated!

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HMG 150iu ,EPO 4K IU , LIV 52 tabs , All now in stock

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Very nice site, I wish you success in your business life ..Welcome

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Thanks brother

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Welcome to eroids

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Thanks for the warm welcome brother!

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