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We don’t have a minimum order so you can always order the exact amount of product you need.

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Bitcoin, Bank Transfer

Please note

Welcome, dear friends.

We are pleased to introduce you to DriadaShop, the official distributor of Driada Medical.


Our company secures, that everyone who has decided to use our products will get the support needed and will be fully confident in the quality and safety of the purchased goods. We have built a laboratory, creating conditions for the production that is closest to GMP standards (we created transfer windows, installed a deep water purification system, automatic UV lamps for disinfection of premises, units for sterile entrance to laboratory, laminars, etc.).

We make a test each batch of raw materials coming to our warehouse, observing all the rules of the pharmacopeia, for our customer security. All chromatograms will be posted on the website and the forum thread.


We don’t have a minimum order so you can always order the exact amount of product you need. After the order is made you will receive full information about the status: processing, assembly, dispatch, etc. We guarantee to send a number to track your package within 72 hours of payment. If it is not available, you will get a 10% discount on your next order.


The delivery cost is 20 euros.

Each package meets high-security standards for stealth delivery. We use courier services, EMS, and regular mail for shipping.

We reship seized packages 100% one time for free. If your order was seized you need to send us the seizure letter via email, after we checked the seizure letter we will reship your order freely for once.

We do not reship to high risk country, Currently, high risk countries include: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc.

We ship from the EU.
Estimated delivery time: EUROPE 3 - 14 DAYS / OTHER COUNTRIES 7-21 DAYS


[email protected]
Wickr – driadamedical
Telegram – https://t.me/driadamedical

TELEGRAM CHANNEL – https://t.me/driadamedicaleu

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Hello, I have an order in packaging for 10 days, I wanted to know about it as I haven't received any responses via support email.

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Hello, sir. I answered you in PM

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Hi guys! I have one question about the label,
why did you change the oil in Testos and why didn't you change it in other products?

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Can you post a pic?

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Of what? You have pics that i posted, you can see on my profile!

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Hello sir! Thank you for your question.

The fact is that initially we chose sesame oil as the most suitable for intramuscular injections. But the amount of oil and additional components for each product is different, this was done specifically to avoid PIP when using any product.

At some point we came across a number of complaints about Testos (Testosterone Enanthate). Some customers received PIP after injection. To eliminate this problem, we experimented for a long time with the proportions of the remaining components in the formula, but eventually came to the conclusion that we need to change the carrier oil. Our partner who has positive experience with GSO (grape seed oil) gave advice to try this oil.

After we tested the new formula, it turned out that it fits much better for most customers. As it turned out later - GSO is the oil that is best suited for subcutaneous injections, including.

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thanks! Really 0 pip even with test prop (most of all other brands give me pip with this one) so i think is good idea!

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I was a little skeptical about this label, a lot of reviews of people with low karma o new members; i decided try and im very happy. In the past i used Geneza, Kalpa, Balkan, Dna, Snake, and many labels. In my opinion Driada is Top. I will try soon Hgh and other products, im courious, and i will tell you my honest review. Hope they keep this quality and good service!!

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Thank you sir for your trust and support!

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Anyone has a recent experience with them? Any pip after injecting? How fast was delivery after payment accepted? Is the summer promo gone? Thanks guys

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Yes, here, very good experience, 0 pip (even with test prop, i only know this label and Snake with good results and 0 pip with this compuond) and very happy with results

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Hello, sir. Thank you for your interest. You can get acquainted with the experience of our customers on the review page.

Unfortunately the summer promotion is over

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Promoting websites, offers and services in forums and other sections like source discussion pages is considered spam, and may get your account suspended!

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Thank you sir for your feedback!

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Unfortunately I had a bad experience. Ordered first time in January and everything was good.
Ordered second time the 11.04 and after 14 days (today 25.04) the payment still not there. What they said.
I don’t know how possible this but still waiting for a proper answer to known where is my money. Also I had to pay 15€ extra to my bank to make some research and see if they can find and answer.
So I don’t want blame anybody for now. I will keep you updated and see how this shit goes. Otherwise I lost 151,50€.
When I will get my stuff I will definitely update this commentary.
But for now not happy about the situation.

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Cool now my payment was received and it’s already picked by the courier --
Nice ---- Now I’m happy!

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Thank you sir for updating your comment! Also thank you for your trust. Have a nice day!

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Hello, gentlemen! We are happy to announce the launch of our promo for Eroids members.


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Doesn't it seem strange to you that after receiving each order, everyone writes memoirs for the uploaded picture? While people are getting orders from other sources, they are uploading pictures without words. All these memoirs for pictures seem to be written by schoolchildren and all according to one scenario. It looks like custom reviews, it looks like fakes. You would have better publicity if you let reputable people try your products and have them test! That would be the coolest ad than what led you to zero!

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Hello, sir. We believe that just a published photo has much less value than photos published with attached comments from our customers. What's the point of posting a photo? What message do these posts carry? That is why when our customers go to post photos, we ask them to provide a brief history of their order.

We also know that some members with high karma are waiting for us to publish a promo. We hope you will also participate when everything is ready.

steroidmen's picture

You are wrong friend. Many people don’t even read comments on a photo, but when there are a thousand words for each photo and they are all in the same style, this is alarming! It is very valuable when there are a lot of photos and when people write how they will use this or that product and in what doses, etc. And also the fact that for every photo you put a thumbs up for each other and for the reviews too! I don't want to say that you have bad products because I have not tried them, but all these marketing tricks of yours here are negative. Many people could do the same as you.

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Thank you sir for your advice. We have been here not so long and are still learning to understand the members of Eroids. Previously, we always asked our customers to post photos and write comments, as we thought it would be perceived more positively.

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Why don't you ship to the US???

Owes a Review × 1
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Hello, sir. At the moment there is no safe way to send to the US. But we are working on this issue.

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Score reset due to source personally creating a fake account "LittleFrog".


17 other accounts have been banned. Used for karma circlejerking and rating.

  • avieboy1986
  • Davieboy1977
  • Strakefr
  • Dylan54000
  • Bigjobigmass
  • Paulpersonne82
  • Mercedesdusud
  • gabe93
  • Ryu123
  • dani007
  • Luffyd.
  • fighterinthewind
  • Taco78
  • Niklas83
  • NiMa
  • NiiMa
  • RedDevil90
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Good day gentlemen,
It is our humble request to read this message.

Community rules prohibit creating more than one account. As we know, it is necessary to prevent one source from being voted and commented by one member with a fake account . Creating a fake account is an attemptto impersonate someone else, someone you are not, a separate person in order to use the anonymity and the Eroids rating system to mislead members of the community in order to gain benefits.

Firstly, we would like to apologize to the entire Eroids community and admit our guilty for the following:

2 months ago, an employee who was responsible for maintaining social media accounts of Driada brand,  came up with such a “fucking” idea – create a second account.  
This person had a task of contacting clients and asking them to leave feedback on our work. But this amazing plan came into his head – super reliable, fuck, as a Swiss watch!

Due to the fact that he had so many of these kinds of plans in mind, we dismissed him from work about a month and a half ago and hired a new employee.

During his career, the fired employee registered the LittleFrog account on Eroids and tried to make his karma better, as well as wanted to start writing fake enthusiastic reviews of our products.
Pay attention to the comments on the post that @BFG pinned. Pay attention to the date, they were written just 2 months ago.

For convenience in clarifying the situation, we will refer to the dismissed employee as LittleFrog.

when he (LittleFrog) announced this “amazing” news about his grandiose plans, he received a complete ban on this kind of activity and was fired for his actions. However, it was no longer possible to delete or edit the messages that he wrote for the purpose of deception and we simply forgot about this incident.
Above I asked you to pay attention to the date of the comments. The fact is that the average delivery speed for Driada customers in Europe is 7- 10 days. The fastest is 4 days. The longest 20-25 days on holidays or in particularly far places.
Thus, if this plan had not been rejected by us, there would already have been a message from this account about the receipt of the goods and a joyful review.

But we refused these actions, because we have invested so much effort in our product that this kind of advertising is more an insult to our efforts than some kind of deception that can bring at least some significant benefit.
We do acknowledge that there was ONE duplicate account registered by our employee and for that we apologize.
However, our source page wanrs that fake reviews have been found. Also it is written about the reason for blocking 17 accounts created for circljerking and… this is not true!!!
There were no such actions on behalf of Driada and we consider these allegations to be mistakes. Our page contains ONLY REAL reviews written by real customers about their real experience with our products and services.
Writing fake reviews by ourselves? No. We just simply do not need that. Our products are selled quite well.

Yes, we have asked our clients to write real reviews (which is not prohibited by the rules) and they started to register on Eroids, posting photos and their reviews.

But just look at these reviews. They are fully compliant with Eroids policies and describe the complete experience of ordering from our store. More detailed descriptions of cycles, photos, delivery times and so on.  It can be seen that each review is written by real people who have spent their time on this. We don’t want to offend anyone, but these are not the reviews that write about some sources, like “no pip, the source is legal, the order has been received”.

But I will wmphasize once again – these are real people, they have order numbers, contacts indicated on the website during registration, and I would like you to check them. If necessary, we can provide the dates of purchases and a list of the products thet were included in these orders by order number (of course, we will never provide personal data such as the customer’s name and address).

Yes, we have a sin, and I have  pointed it out at the very beginning, but we did not write a single fake review, did nothing to deceive the community, but rather, on the contrary, contributed to its development in every possible way, inviting new users to the forum.
When one of our clients posted a photo and we read comments like “Driada reviews are always from new members”, we really felt heart pain from his. Each member of Eroids was once a “new account” and posted their first photo or review. It is unfair to make such accusations.
@BFG, I kindly ask you to double-check the erroneous data on 17 fake accounts. We have attached data about one fake account.
From our side, we are ready to provide the necessary information so that you are convinced of the groundlessness of the accusations related to 17 fake accounts.
Any data other than personal data of our customers. If you demand them, we’d rather stay blocked.

BFG's picture

You're not the first one to get their score reset as a penalty for a fake account. It's not the end of the world.
Thanks for you explanation, this could have been avoided, had you come forward sooner.

As for the 17 fakes, I never said they were created by you, but they definitely are fake accounts created by 5 distinct users, most likely to receive benefits from your store.

I removed the Fake flags, but you are still starting from 0 score wise.

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Select the most accurate statement field is required

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