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We don’t have a minimum order so you can always order the exact amount of product you need.

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Bitcoin, Bank Transfer

Please note

Welcome, dear friends.

We are pleased to introduce you to DriadaShop, the official distributor of Driada Medical.


Our company secures, that everyone who has decided to use our products will get the support needed and will be fully confident in the quality and safety of the purchased goods. We have built a laboratory, creating conditions for the production that is closest to GMP standards (we created transfer windows, installed a deep water purification system, automatic UV lamps for disinfection of premises, units for sterile entrance to laboratory, laminars, etc.).

We make a test each batch of raw materials coming to our warehouse, observing all the rules of the pharmacopeia, for our customer security. All chromatograms will be posted on the website and the forum thread.


We don’t have a minimum order so you can always order the exact amount of product you need. After the order is made you will receive full information about the status: processing, assembly, dispatch, etc. We guarantee to send a number to track your package within 72 hours of payment. If it is not available, you will get a 10% discount on your next order.


The delivery cost is 20 euros. For orders over 200 euros, we provide free delivery.

Each package meets high-security standards for stealth delivery. We use courier services, EMS, and regular mail for shipping.

We reship seized packages 100% one time for free. If your order was seized you need to send us the seizure letter via email, after we checked the seizure letter we will reship your order freely for once.

We do not reship to high risk country, Currently, high risk countries include: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc.

We ship from the EU.
Estimated delivery time: EUROPE 3 - 14 DAYS / UNITED STATES 7-21 DAYS / OTHER COUNTRIES 7-21 DAYS


[email protected]
Wickr – driadamedical
Telegram – https://t.me/driadamedical

TELEGRAM CHANNEL – https://t.me/driadamedicaleu

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Gentlemen! We are launching our first promo on Eroids.

If you are already familiar with our brand, then you know that our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and promote the competent use of AAS for better life.

That is why we are launching our promo with care for you and your health: HCG as a gift with ANY order.


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Orders are shipped in 24 hours and arrive in 7 days. very good service.

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Thank you sir for your feedback!
We hope your cycle will be productive with our products Smile

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I ordered here and it's my first time ordering "medicine" online.
The last update on my order is from the 22nd and apparently it left the destination country.
Still waiting..
I will leave a review when I use their products if I ever receive them.

ivan2499's picture

Did you receive your order?

Dryjuice's picture

Nope. Last shipping update was when aparently was handed over to airline in destination country. After that nothing

ivan2499's picture

That is 4 weeks now, not looking good, though there is still time and could just be a problem with post, but with some of their reviews looking sketchy and now hearing this, I wish you the best of luck that everything turns out good! Keep us posted.

Dryjuice's picture

Yes it's sketchy. I also noticed how Reddevil90 posted about shipping time as soon as I'm having problem with my order. Hmmm --
Maybe I might be wrong but I'm just gonna wait until the end of the month to see what happens.
It's weird that customs in my country haven't sent me any letter of seizure if really it was seized.
But I must admit communication at Driada is very good!
Hope they solve my problem by the end of the month.

Dryjuice's picture

I recieved my order today!
Everything is in the package!
This is not a review yet.
I will test their hcg with pregnancy test and if it's legit then I will be ordering more!

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I have been following since then and I am glad and happy for you to hear this. Rock on!!

Btw are you from EU or USA?

Dryjuice's picture

From EU

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"communication at Driada is very good!" This should always be a good sign. I saw the video of their lab that they posted it looks amazing. Best of luck man and I hope you get your stuff. Let me know how everything turns out for you.

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Sir, if for any reason your order does not arrive, we will make a free reship.
Please don't worry!

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Hello sir! Thank you for your order and trust!
Please write your order number.
I will contact you at PM.

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This site looks scammer to me. Faked reviews non stop.

Driada Medical's picture

Hello, sir.

Your activity here is a little bit strange, you wrote several identical comments, all negative, we answer them, and you write again and again - do you have a personal interest?

Let's see why you're wrong:

You all write as if it's us Driada Medical writing these reviews, but this is prohibited by the community rules, if such information comes up, then the administrator will block our account. So you're talking unsubstantiated.

Further, you are trying to substitute concepts: fake reviews, these are fictitious data about services provided or goods sold that do not correspond to reality.
In this case, we see that these are real people who made real orders and did not complete the review in a right way. This is very different from fake reviews isn't it? Why did you make this substitution of concepts? accidentally or intentionally?

And finally.... the definition of the word scammer: a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme.
We physically cannot be scammers, as we are the only official store of the Driada Medical brand. Anyone but us.

Now the question is for you, sir: you made a substitution in the meanings of words twice, what is your benefit for this?

We cannot control people who write reviews but on our side we do our best. Reviews that not meet your standards cannot be controlled by us(otherwise it would be unfair), and cannot make us a scammers.

scoobydoo's picture

Probably 90% of your reviews are written by people that joined eroids just to leave you a review and haven't logged back on since. It certainly looks suspicious.You offer store credit for reviews and that may be why a bunch of your reviewers only log on to leave you a review and disappear.

Driada Medical's picture

Initially, we asked our clients to share their experience, but now, looking at how this is happening, we have removed this request.
Nevertheless, these are real customers who have been making real orders for almost a year now. Our products are tested by independent experts and laboratories, and the our quality is highly appreciated!

theromanianbear8989's picture

Their janos are good and they've had quite a few user submitted ones as well. Idk I was going to give them a run and they stopped shipping to the us.. I follow their telegram

Shreddd's picture

These brand new accounts writing reviews that do not meet review standards make you look like a terrible source. The review rules are shown when "Write a Review" is clicked. This is looking sketchy.

LionMuscleIT's picture

As you can check I am not a new user, I have left other reviews for another supplier so I have nothing to do with Driada nor am I sponsored by them. Before stating that I am a spam account I would like there to be more in-depth checks and not write your reports just because maybe those who want to sponsor other websites are certainly not me. If sometimes there has been a bad interpretation of the rules it is because English is not my language and I have to help myself with Google Translator which, as you well know, does not always offer exact translations of texts.

BFG's picture

That's complete bs. 3rd grade reading level is overkill for eroids texts.

Mightymike's picture

Check the 5th review down by theblackninja he's written in what looks like German and the translation of the overall experience is exactly word for word lionmuscleIT's overall experience another 5 reviews down.....

"Driada now has my total trust both in terms of service and product quality. Finally a single website where you can trust without being afraid of being scammed."

What a coincidence, and they both really want to tell you to trust them, you won't be scammed as well... Hmmm

Shreddd's picture

3 reviews of 1 source in 24 days is too many. And your reviews are useless too. Just like the 4 gear pics you posted in 1 day, gear pics also included in your useless fake reviews. You should leave eroids since you can't follow the rules.

Driada Medical's picture

Thank you sir for your help!

Shreddd's picture

I'm not done helping yet.

@LionMuscleIT has reviewed this source 3x in the last 24 days.

@Salazarr has reviewed this source 3x in the last 2 months, since joining 2 months ago.

And multiple brand new fake accounts have reviewed, some already banned. This doesn't look good. It looks like an attempt to cheat the review and rating system of this website. Either you are being framed, or you are guilty of foul play. Read the rules. Read the source rules too. Contact the Admin @BFG or Mod @Greg if you need help or have questions.

LionMuscleIT's picture

Since July 12th I have placed 7 orders from the Driada website (they can confirm it to you in private) so I think I could have written 7 reviews on your website without being accused of spamming. Didn't I have to publish the photos also in the "Photos" section? Okay, I apologize for being wrong but I do not see it correct to be accused of spamming. I repeat once again: I AM NEITHER PAID NOR SPONSORED BY ANY ROIDS COMPANY!

Shreddd's picture

3 reviews in 24 days in not sufficient enough time to experience the gear, 3x. What gear you ran you did not even mention in the reviews. Durations, dosages, no useful info did you provide. If any of the oils were a long ester such as Enanthate, then 24 days isn't even long enough to fully reach peak stable levels. Your reviews are lies. And you're a liar.

Shreddd's picture

Shreddd attacks every one from driada

How many is driada? How many driada are breaking the rules by making multiple accounts, spamming gear pics (including previously posted gear pics as I proved), and writing multiple fake reviews?

Stop trying to cheat the review and rating system of this website.

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