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Estimated T/A: 
Payment to door 3-7 days FREE SHIPPING OVER $500

Minimum Order: 
$50 crypto and cashapp, $200 Zelle (5 previous orders), $200 Vanilla Gift card

Payment Methods: 
Crypto, Zelle, Vanilla $200, cashapp with bitcoin

Please note

We offer a full line of oils in MCT and almost everything in GSO as well.
Tablets are hard pressed with a pharmaceutical binder that has a slightly sweet taste.

cashapp instructions


Upload a pic of your gear for free shipping on your next order!

Blood tests total/free test uncapped $100 store credit

Submit order payment verification asap or you’ll delay the process, some methods can take 1-3 days to confirm.

Lab tests
Test E+
Tren Ace
Test Prop
Cut Stack
Mast E
Mast prop

If your payment method requires information to be submitted you must do so within 24 hours or your order may be cancelled. Please contact us by email if you have exceeded this time frame and your order was cancelled.

Crypto payments update within 12 hours, if yours has not please email or PM here.

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Really appreciate that USGEAR uses REDACTED, makes it easy to purchase!

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Really appreciate that you'll be reading the rules, makes it easy to mod!

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Top notch source, can’t thank T and his team enough. Looking forward to the upcoming sale, time to stock up

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Glad you had a good experience. Read this carefully my man...if you can guess what T stands for then you'll receive a $500 credit from @Usgear. This is a known fact. $500 goes a long way over here. T stands for....

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lol where do we submit our guesses? is that the promo?

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lmao i think ec may have nailed it below

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What's T stand for Jake?

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I picture ole usgear looking like that too!

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Lmao....my guess is Tadius the Third!

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I immediately thought "titties". But that's just my toxic masculinity talking.

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Toxic masculinity, maybe that'll be my name..

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Lol. Makes sense to me

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Take some time and read over the reviews!
So you won’t have to ask questions like this..

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Orders submitted from the 22nd - 30th wont ship until the 1st.
If you submit an order with a verification period you may be caught up in the delay.

The upcoming promo will be active during the shipping delay so please pay attention to the details!

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Oh you'll want to scoot on over to "the other sources pages" for budlight friendly swimsuits and "women"

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Figured the first one was a dude. Lol

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You never know with Rusty

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Safe bet was to assume they were all tucking.

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Yeah. I was waiting for the dick to pop out on the porn star one. Lol

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Lie..she's gotta genuine Slim Jim snack

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