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Lixus Winstrol

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Lixus Winstrol Reviews

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  • movethings
  • 7 years ago

Got this for my wife, but she was way to sensitive. I ended finishing it and getting a second bottle stretching out my cycle. Works well. Can feel the dryness of my muscles.

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  • MB
  • 7 years ago

30 mg per day as a cutter at the end of the cycle (the dose should be enough 4me cause I am not very heavy) and I felt absolutely nothing. I think it's extremely underdosed or it just has no winstrol in it at all.

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  • Mike42899
  • 8 years ago

Cheap Winstrol - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

  • Damian Farell's picture
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  • Damian Farell
  • 8 years ago

Using just for 5 days and already feel a rush of power. Along with test the product is seem to have the necessary result. I'm pleased there is an alternative to injectable winstrol. Last time i used it, i had great pains i can not explain

I began to review approximately 2 months ago, now i finished my cycle, and just wanted to confirm that it worked great! Besides some insignificant sides, the pumps were great, everything i expected. I think i will take break now. Really thankful for this product

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Alternative to Winstrol -

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  • Flackey
  • 8 years ago

Hmmmm. Well i'm about to complete week three (19 days). Currently only on Test Enan/winstrol (lixus). Increase in stregnth entering the third week has been aw inspiring. Definately not as aggresive as my dbol/enan/prop kick start from my previous cycle. My power has been increasing in small but steady increments, and my weight has been steady as hell with a dropping waist line and body fat. (diet in check and leaner than previous). I do consider myself as a 5'9" ectomorph at 177 pounds, and if we consider the bench press as the main standard in show of individual stregnth than I must say i'm pretty bad ass for pushing working sets of 225 x 10 and growing. Something is working thats for sure and it's to early for enan to be kicking. So what does that tell ya?

Lixus test enan - 500mg EW. (mon,fri) 250x2
Lixus Winstrol. - 40 mg ed split

  • jaywall's picture
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  • jaywall
  • 8 years ago

Only one week in at 50mg ED and it is kicking in hard. I have ran winny many times but usually don't feel results like these until week 3 or 4. Looking foward to the upcoming weeks, going to bump up to 75mgs ED after week 4. I will let you know, but this stuff is definitely G2G to say the least!

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  • The Judge
  • 8 years ago

Now, I started the Lixus Winstrol on Monday morning and started seeing results Monday night. I didn't get anything from the dbol but this winny is GTG! Muscles are getting harder gaining strength vain's are poping out everywhere. I plan to take this for 3-4 weeks continue with 500/500 Test e and Deca. And finish cycle with Lixus Anavar Sus 325.

  • aj2005ng's picture
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  • aj2005ng
  • 8 years ago

Used this from UK...did not have the correct stack so saw minimum results. The gear was fine, the mistake was mine. Need to have a stronger stack.

  • face's picture
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  • face
  • 9 years ago

Okay guys, been using "BEST'S" Lixus Winstrol for three weeks now and I feel I can give a fair review on the quality of the gear now.

Three weeks ago I began my first cycle in nearly a year, Lixus Winstrol 10mg and Lixus Test 400. Winny 30mg a day and Test 400 every 3 days.

I am 32 years old, 5'10", with lean muscle. My wait the day I started my cycle was 150lbs which has jumped to a staggering 168lbs. I also have have to point out that I did quit smoking a week before I started my cycle so I'm sure that's played a part also...

Almost immediately I could see major rip and my pumps in the gym were unreal. It seems that if I take 1 pill on wake up, 1 at bed time, and 1 before entering the gym that works best for me. Aggression which I have always had an issue with from orals was also there with mostly small things but is controllable. Weight gain is great in my opinion, 18 lbs in three weeks speaks for itself. I cant look at a good looking chick without wanting to hump her leg! And some ugly ones to be honest! Appetite is through the roof.

I have noticed some sides and being that I'm taking two products I can't say which is causing it. I seem to wake up around 4am every night, no matter how exausted I am. A half hour of tv and I pass right back out. This week my face broke out a little and my facial skin was really oily, "Test most likely" which really sucked! I also noticed this week that I have bad gyro on the left nipple which I remember having from my last cycle of Sust last year. Will be ordering some Nolvadex soon for that!

So I feel this product is pretty awesome, I can notice the Test is really kicking in now. I'm starting to look like a miniature Arnold and cant stop looking in the mirror to see if I got bigger! I'm pretty excited to see how I look next week, it seems that every time I turn around I look bigger and more ripped!

To sum it all up my body weight is through the roof, strenght is up, looking ripped, and I want to fuck everything! Cant get any better!!!

Doing business with "UKBEST" is smooth and easy and his products seem be pretty awesome! 5 stars as far as that goes!!!

I went out on a limb with this product so I hope this helps anyone who's considering Winstrol being that there were no reviews when I was considering it!

Hollar if you have any questions or comments on my review! Considering Sustanon 300 and Dbol to follow up this cycle so any advice would appreciated!!!

Thanks Best!!!

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  • Jtizzle
  • 9 years ago
  • @face

Pretty good review bro. Thanks..
p.s. Next time don't start that cycle until u have Nolva and all PCT's in hand! Hopefully gyno fades fast for ya bro

  • T65gun's picture
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  • T65gun
  • 9 years ago

has anyone used lixus winstrol? can someone review